Niche jubilaum

Faro, 25. November 2015 – from the first golf gti wanted volkswagen to sell 5000 pieces, you suspected a pretty little niche. That it has become about two million stucco since 1976, it was because this model could develop a separate niche. At the beginning of the next year comes with the jubilaum model to 40. Birthday of golf gti club sport. He is with 290 hp of the strongest series-maby golf gti all times.

The high performance on the road also helps with club sports the electronically regulated front axle differential brake from borgwarner known from gti performance. In combination with the traction control, which can be controlled in three levels, to complete deactivation, provides it for curves even faster to be accelerated. In the steering, the power is laceable, but never storing. As usual, the gti clubsport follows everyone so small steering command in a well-known directness. For the first time, semi-slick tires are on offer. In order for these to develop their advantages, however, it requires a tire temperature, which should not normally not be achieved in the city.

Karo and golf ball, it wants the tradition

Gti-typical is also in club sport the checker of the series-maby built-in sports seat with excellent page content. The golf ball design of the shift knob is believed to the traditional gti interior. After 5.9 seconds, the speedometer is flies over the 100 marker and stops only with real 250.

How performance increases when inserting the boost function, the maximum torque for a moment of ten seconds. Up to 380 nm, as much as the four-wheeled model golf r, then act on the gearbox input shaft and, depending on the gear stage, a multiple of it on the two drive shafts.

A small trick, such as the additional performance and force not only ten, but twenty seconds can be retrieved, there is also. But only in the gti with six-stage dual-clutch transmission instead of the manual six-speed gearbox. If the nearly 1.4 tons of heavy car is demanded by the launch control from the stand away everything, there are ten-extra-power seconds. The sound from the two tailpipes sounds appropriate to the performance and image of the gti redty and procures from a fuel consumption beyond the 6.9 liters of standard consumption.

Who one of the 34.500 euro expensive vw golf gti club sports would have to hurry. Because the officially non-limited athlete is produced only by autumn for next year.

Arrival, food and test drive went at the manufacturer’s expense.

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