Not quite the old one

Not quite the old one

Berlin, 17. July 2014 – if smart-boss annette winkler talked about his new generation, she often said "the new smart remains completely the old one."The question arises as daimler with a vast product that has been able to raise unsatisfactory sales figures since the 1988 smart 1998. But it was probably not so mean.

Because the smart has in third edition, as it from the 22. Will be conservative, just strongly changed november 2014. An important step is the cooperation with renault in the development and production of the engines. This should save so much money that you can earn more on this small car – even with the in-house carsharing provider car2go, which was last the big customer. And then there are the fleet consumption specifications. The more smarts daimler ag can discontinue, the more their coarse, significantly more profitable mercedes sedans and suv, they can sell without a penalty – a mixed calculation, where an electrified smart could be interesting again. Although he has achieved significantly lower sales, but could help the fleet balance by the supercredits on electric cars.

Forfour gets a real smart for the first time

Rather towards the audience, the reintroduction of the fourth forfour seems to be aimed at. This time, however, as a real version of the two-rise instead of as disguised small cars of a different manufacturer: the forfour of 2004 to 2006 was a mitsubishi colt with body powers and was largely so perceived. He was even less success than the original. After all, thanks to the rear motor concept, the colt had, in contrast to the fortwo the full front-cross motor.

The classic one-box design of the smart, as we knew him, now prevents the legally required fubgangerschutz. He should be the reason for the front "hood hump". Daimler boss zetsche calls him "knubbelschnauze", what should he do anything. Because schooner, this part is neither by headlights in the styles of a mini countryman or fiat 500 l nor through the curved and in the incurable functionless grill. Collaboration with renault brings the fourth course twingo, which incorporation shows that one can very appeal to this small car despite legal form factors. In addition, she explains some equal parts in the interior such as turgles and shift levers.

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