On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

Trieste (italy), 24. July 2011 – we are on the new maserati grancabrio sport on the road. The with 450 hp just 10 hp more power than the version without "sports" in the name of. Is the additional designation only about a marketing label, which should boost the sales of the model? Finally, the undoubtedly it is undue convertible with a basic price of 139.000 euro even for upcoming no snap. We have fetched the trident extensively on the tooth.

Differences for connoisseurs

The sports version of the convertible will only distinguish connoisements right away from the previous variant. The easiest thing is to see at the trident on the kuhler grill: this is now provided with two red crossbeams. The inwardly curved kuhlerbill is always black and the outside corners of the front spoiler were optimized aerodynamically. In addition, the front headlights are stored in the sports variant. Laterally, the expert viewer fall on the new sills, and from the rear look oval tailpipes. Anywhere of the wind and weather is still protecting a substance meal – so the for a convertible. The top closes and open in 28 seconds each – even at a ride of up to 30 km / h.

Luxury in the interior

When entering the grancabrio sport, luxury suggests us. The seats are covered with bright leather and even for long stretches comfortable. However, they offer only medium-month page stop. A carbon bar pulls from right to left over the dashboard, the clock perched at the upper end of the center console. The steering wheel finds us a bit roughly, since the italians fruher had made in the gran sport better tax rack in the program – smaller, thicker, made of carbon and with alcantara-disguised handle flats. We would like to have something like that again.

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