Report: court of auditage wicht chancellery for “it consolidation bund” away

Report: Court of Auditage Wicht Chancellery for'it-konsolidierung bund' ab'it-konsolidierung bund' ab

The project "it consolidation bund", the it systems of all ministries and behaviors on the federal level modernize and harmonize, is still criticized by a media report hard by the federal lawndown. The change of spring carrying to the federal chancellery also seems to have brought the coarse project to have not brought to the track, as evidenced by a confidential report of the prufbearde, which the news magazine mirrors exists. The project souvenirs in the chancellery took their role only "inadequate" and were the supervision of the project progress "not fair", the prufters therefore judged.

Rather, the new responsibilities had only brought new further delays. A new plan in which order the abords should be further modernized, was not created. Already ongoing changes in 18 were even stopped again in the meantime. Various institutions now had to spend millions of businesses for it equipment, "to ensure continuous operation", quotes the mirror the prufer.

Still no security policy

For example, the federal office for safety in information technology (bsi) and the federal police "multiple" from together 365 million euros, sometimes also for "transactions". In current progress reports, in the series of risks, a total fader of the project is also called as a possible scenario, the mirror.

Even five years after the start of the project, there is still no common security policy, is another criticism. The prufter had already scored this defect in november 2019 and set a deadline until june to retrieve a concept. According to the mirror report, both this appointment as well as a committed template in september was torn. Now the ministry of the interior has promised a catch for the fourth quarter of the year.

Personnel shortage threatens

In addition, the project has also come under prere by the corona crisis. The planning for the digitization of administrative services preferred in the course of the pandemic were provided for foreseeable staff shortages. Many of the places provided for these tasks are also vacant. So far, the ministry of interior has been only 41 of 138.5 planned places.

Already last year, the mammut project was raised several times by the court of auditors. Among other things, the proubers had demanded a complete new planning due to exploding costs – from the initial estimation of one billion euros, the costs were awarded to nearly 3.5 billion euros. The budget committee of the bundestag also blocked the money forward and the federal government presented a new proposal at the beginning of november. Significant parts of the project management were relocated to the federal ministry of finance and in the federal chancellery.

"Uncontrolled" consultant

The project "it consolidation bund" run since 2015. The various bodies of the federal government had so far acquired uniform devices and software and also set up numerous data centers and server locations in parallel with each other. 2016 and 2017 the court of auditors already had the conceptlessness of the projects "networks of the federal network" and "it consolidation" criticized who should actually remedy the chaotic circumstance in the federal it. In 2017, the pruds was especially the "uncontrolled" use of expensive external it consultants negatively noticed by the feather-proof the ministry of interior.

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