Ride impressions in the bmw x1 23d xdrive

Ride impressions in the bmw x1 23d xdrive

Palma de mallorca, 27. May 2009 – this is not a driving report or test. Actually, i still do not know how to call the article i just start to write here. Bmw made clear before departure after mallorca that the chosen route profile would not allow to win a first "driving impression of the overall vehicle". In addition, the vehicles placed on prototypes were available.

X1 encounter of the second type

Be`s drum, i just report. Finally, i really wanted to drive the x1 sacrificed with camouflage foil in the grandfather and on the strain. Although i already had an encounter with the new little suv from bmw (which you call sav – sports activity vehicle). But that was in finland in december 2008. There several four-wheel vehicles were introduced and a quarter of an hour in the x1 on a snowy round had to be enough, more was not in it.

Landspab on snow

In this first contact, the compact and quite light x1 already gave rise to very handy. He made a lot of pleasure, though the vote was not yet completed. In direct comparison with the already sporting x3, the flatter x1 was even more agile to move. On the snowy handling course, it was also possible to make it properly cracked with half-switched dynamic stability control (dsc less denschlic), the control systems slowed later, on the godders was more slippage. That meant increased alertness, so that the stern does not come around, but also faster cornering speeds. As the x1 seemed to be convincing and dearly moved very well.

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