Ride impressions in the new mini cooper s convertible

Ride impressions in the new mini cooper s convertible

Villach (austria), 30. January 2009 – i call this anticyclic action: a convertible presentation in the middle of winter and then at minus degrees in snowy ski resort villach. Which pr expert has had this bizarre incidence? But after two days on snow, ice and asphalt can only be the conclusion: that was a great idea of the organizers – especially because the presented car was a mini cooper s in the brand new folding roof version.

Finally ball-free

Ruckblende: staggered with thick down jacket, double wrapped wool scarf, an extra-ski-motto and with a concentrated portion of skepticism in the stomach i head for the first time two days before the open british – and must also revise my prejudices tapped by the process. While i went to the limousine like millions of other autofans (i was spontaneously in love), i could never look properly for the fresh air version of the first mini-generation: the two chromed chrome-plated "henkel to throw away", excuse: rolling ball, behind the fundsitzbank in the high and destructed the chic line of the open british.

Use only in an emergency

The mini-designers have avoided this stylistic one of the mini-designers with the new model – and the result is amazing. Sure: the two humps of the uberroll bug are still available, but were built in the new yet significantly lower and cleverly hidden behind the folding head. In addition, the result under asthetic aspects such as safety viewpoints is more than satisfactory: in the case of a case, the on-board electronics let the chromed crossbar in 150 milliseconds in the high fast fast. Together with the amplified a-souls, this should create enough survival room for the maximum four passengers even at a surcharge.

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