“Rough” nissan leaf in year’s time

Nissan will introduce the leaf with a coarser battery by 1. April 2019. This confirms guillaume pelletreau, managing director nissan center europe. In an interview with a blogger, he speaks of the premiere "within the fiscal year" (from timecode 14’10"), which begins in japan on 1. April starts.

Until now, nissan had not given a clear indication of when the second version of the leaf will be unveiled. The exact battery capacity is still not known: because of a prototype based on the processor, there had been speculation about 60 kilowatt hours (kwh). How much it will actually be is left open by managing director pelletreau, who says it could be 60 kwh, but also more or less.

Hyundai had shown the kona ev at the geneva motor show in two variants with 39.2 and 64 kwh. For the 64 kwh version hyundai gives a range of 482 kilometers in wltp. The kona ev is 31 centimeters shorter than the nissan leaf. Theoretically, the length of the leaf offers more space for batteries. We therefore ame more than 60 kwh.

Power charging capability

The waiting time for charging will probably be shorter: the maximum dc charging power of the leaf was 50 kw in the japanese chademo standard. While hyundai works with the euro-american ccs (combined charging system), for which columns of up to 350 kw are built, nissan was allowed to stay true to the preserved – the chademo association reports up to 200 kw in the current protocol (1.2) and up to 400 kw (2.0) in the near future. We estimate the factory specification of the leaf with a coarse battery to be up to 100 kw.

The popularity of the standard leaf has so far not been diminished by the announcement of a coarser battery, with more engine power available as a waste product: on request, nissan germany quotes a delivery time of five months, with an upward trend. The current nissan leaf with 40 kwh battery capacity and 110 kw engine power is available from 31.950 euros to be had. The very well equipped tekna top version costs at least 38 euros.300 euros, of which 4000 euros can be deducted from the claim premium.

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