Sony: gross cmos image sensor for industrial applications with high resolution

Sony: Gross CMOS image sensor for industrial applications with high resolution

For industrial applications sony has called a coarse cmos image sensor. The imx661 has a diagonal of 56.73 mm and an active flat of 46.2 mm × 32.9 mm. Its resolution is nearly 128 megapixels, which comprises the individual pixels to a width of 3.45 microns. According to sony, this results in it "almost ten times so coarse optical format compared to producing image sensors in the 1.1-inch format, as used in c-mount industrial cameras."

The chip is trimmed despite the high pixel number to speed. So you reach with the sensor a frame rate of 21.8 frames per second at full resolution and 10 bits depth. If one liked to record with 14 bits, the bitrate is reduced to at least just under 13 pictures per second.

Sony: Gross CMOS image sensor for industrial applications with high resolution

Flat comparison between imx 661 and producing industrial cmos sensors in 1.1-inch format (diagonal 14 mm).

In addition, the imx 661 has a global shutter (global shutter). All sensor pixels are exposed in parallel and read out. This results in, for example, in the absorption of moving objects no distortions like the roling shutter. In conjunction with the high resolution sony wants to improve the imaging performance and thus the recognition accuracy. As a possible application scenarios, the manufacturer calls for production of displays and electronic substrates, wide-range monitoring or aerial image recordings.

Application also in classic digital cameras?

Photographers and photographers gets on the question of whether one could see this sensor in classical digital cameras. This is hardly rigidable. The format of the industrial sensor is always similar to medium format chips such as you plug in fujifilm’s gfx cameras – it’s just a bit wider than a 4: 3-photos sensor. Interesting for medium format is also the global shutter principle, as it was easier to use to adapt old medium format optics with central closure. In any case, the imx 661 impressively demonstrates what could possibly be possible in terms of speed in the medium format.

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