Telefonica wants to expand fiberglass in germany

Telefonica wants to expand fiberglass in Germany

The spanish telefonica group has fiber optic tarpaulin for germany. Still are those in a fruhen stadium, but there are already interested by possible investors. The german glass fiber market is still "underdeveloped", said telefonica-coo angel vila on thursday in a conference call with analysts. "Here is a chance we want to use."

According to the expansion, the plan should take the new infrastructure subsidiary of the group. The spaniards mainly have the areas in germany, where there is no fiberglass of competitors such as telekom or the german glass fiber. "We want to avoid over construction", said vila. The expansion should take place in close geographic delimitation to existing networks.

For all open

The spaniards have less the end customer corporation in mind, but also want to sell transport performance to other network operators. The networks should "are open to all players", stressed vila. The swedish daughter is planned as an anchor tenant, but also a participation of telefonica germany at the network company is conceivable, said the coo.

For the end customer corporation came the germany daughter in question, fiber optic connections were an interesting assessment of the portfolio for the telefonica germany. The connection of mobile locations was also able to run over the new networks. Whether it is already intended for participation in the new network company, the company did not want to reveal. "Telefonica germany is currently coming its options", said a spokesman against our site.

In the landline area, telefonica germany is already working together with its competitors. For the connection of numerous antenna locations, the company has made an agreement with deutsche telekom. With vodafone, the company also shares frequencies. In order to avoid cartel concerns because of the suppure of unitymedia, vodafone telefonica germany had also accessed access to the marketing of cable connections.

Investors wanted

Alone the spaniards do not want to stop the project. Telefonica is still partner for financing. "We have received initial expressions", said vila. But concrete news does not yet report. Federation is to keep telefonica infra, the infrastructure arm of the group created with the youngest restructuring. This also belongs to the mobile subsidiary telxius, which in june the radio pylons of telefonica germany for around 1.5 billion euros had to take over. Also to telxius financial investors are already involved.

In addition, there are obviously interest in the spanish glass fiber network of the group in financial circles. The net draw the interest of gross investors on themselves, said board leader jose maria alvarez-palete. There is an opportunity to create value with a sale of wealthy parts. The network policy but to the core of the company and the control wanted to retain.

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