Tested: vw passat cc

Tested: vw passat cc

Rottach-egern, 16. April 2008 – a wolfsburg car at the tegernsee – how do you reconcile this blob: on the one hand the nuchtern-quiet, sometimes criticized as boring and stubborn manner of the sons of the north german lowlands, on the other hand the postcard idyll with alpine panorama south of munich? This even fits perfectly – at least if you were born as a passat cc.

Eye-catcher of the noble kind

There is no denying it: the passat cc is an eye-catcher of the noble kind. From the front, a cursory glance might suggest that it is a cross between a passat and a phaeton. But even from this perspective, connoisseurs can immediately see the difference: compared to the passat sedan and station wagon, the schurzen lower lip is extended further forward, giving the front end a more self-ared look. The side line, however, leaves no room for doubt: especially in the area of the c-sleeve you can see the differences. While the window section of the sedan ends with a bend, the rear window of the cc follows the curve of the roof to the rear. The roof merges seamlessly into the rear window and trunk lid, giving the side view the appearance of a single unit. At the rear, the lights are drawn more strongly into the fenders and stand out. The distinctive cut with clearly highlighted light edges gives the jerk a dynamic touch.

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