Tiobe appoints python to the language of the year 2020

Tiobe appoints Python to the language of the year 2020

The operators of the monthly updated tiobe programming community index have awarded the programming language python the title of the language of the year 2020. Python is already receiving this award for the fourth time – a new record. However, the programming language secured the top spot just in front of c++.

With an increase of 2.01 percent, python ends up one place, followed by c ++ (+ 1.99%), c (+ 1.66%), groovy (+1.23%) and r (+1.10% to). As a popular language in the fields of data science and machine learning, web development and backend programming, python stabbed, according to tiobe, increasingly in mobile applications and in coarse embedded systems on growing interest. The tiobe-maker especially in the simple learning ability as well as the productivity of the language, the tiobe-makers see the role of the popularity of python. These two characteristics are "the key in a world that requires more developers in all possible areas".

Python long term in front of java?

In the monthly updated index, python currently takes place 3 in the list (11.72%). With a few percentage points, java (11.96%) passes by the programming language of the year 2020. The list for january 2021 is caught by c, which is at the top with a rating of 17.38%. The trump’s programming language c is above all in its performance. Last month, c and java exchanged the place. The tiobe makers see python course in second place behind c, but in front of java.

Tiobe appoints Python to the language of the year 2020

Excess value beyond the changed positions of the statistics language r (from 18 to 9) and groovy (from 23 to 10) – which is mainly used for scripting with the ci / cd-tool jenkins. Beyond the top 20, julia is sneaking up – a dynamic, function-oriented programming language, which aims primarily on scientific projects, but also as a general purpose language should be suitable. Last year, the programming language has mastered a jump from position 47 to 23.

With a restricted meaning force

Regular analyzes such as the tiobe programming community index are always critical to question: based on which criteria tiobe creates the index and which search engine results can be found in the official documentation. The title of the language of the year in the tiobe ranking could last secure c (2019), python (2018), c (2017), go (2016), java (2015), javascript (2014) and transact-sql (2013).

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