Vehicle stock growth in spite of environmental debate

Vehicle stock growth in spite of environmental debate

A total of 65.8 million vehicles were 1st 1. January in germany approved, as the motor trip federal office (kba) announced on monday. That was about a million more than a year ago. The big part of it had cars. Your number took around 700.000 at last just under 47.7 million units too. Particularly strongly rose the number of suv – by almost 20 percent to around 3.77 million.

Boom at the e-mobile

The electric cars, on the other hand, continues to record strong growth of around 64.4 percent. However, the level remains low in absolute numbers. Only 135.617 electric vehicles were on the 1. January this year approved in germany. This corresponds to a share of around 0.3 percent throughout the car fleet in germany.

According to the kba, almost 98 percent of all auto-drives were still otto and diesel engines. On average, the registered authorized vehicles were in this country to 1. January 9.6 years old. This increased the average age slightly 0.1 years compared to the previous year. More than 857.000 vehicles were ages than 30 years.

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