Video games: blizzard employees drove the salary debate

Video games: Blizzard employees drove the salary debate

A documents divided by employees with salary data provides blizzard for a view within the developer studio. This reports the news agency bloomberg, which exists the table. The anonymous data is intended to clarify the salary splash within blizzard and increase the prere on the company.

According to bloomberg, blizzard, which goes to the activision group, carried a salary survey in 2019. In it, more than half of the employees were dissatisfied with their salary. In july 2020 blizzard is to implement the findings from this study and the payment of many employees have increased. Not everyone is satisfied with the emission of salary profit: most blizzard employees who have entered their income in the anonymous document earn less than 10 percent more than before.

At the minimum wage

During high-ranking blizzard developers according to blizzard hot of uber 100.000 us dollars in the year receive other professional groups within blizzard only minimum wage. In california, where blizzard’s headquarters, the minimum wage is 13 us dollars per hour.

To the poor paid employees, support employees and games pruers are subject to the development versions of video games on bugs and mistakes. Blizzard employees criticize, especially with regard to the increasing enterprise revenue for years and the high manager salary.

"Our goal was always to renew our staff fair and competitive", write blizzard in an opinion on bloomberg. Condition is regularly to acknowledge the talent of the most productive employees.

No money for canteen

The salary debate has been bubbled at blizzard for years: according to bloomberg, employees already exchanged internal news in 2018, in which they exchanged themselves on fires: an employee has described, for example, that he does not control the canteen dinner regularly and therefore on lunch with to do without his team.

Blizzard has deleted prere from activision 800 jobs last year. The tasks of the relevant employees were then landed with other blizzard employees – without a corresponding increase in salary, bloomberg writes.

The working conditions in the video game industry are often difficult: many developers are expected to be regular overtime, especially when a game publication is imminent. Numerous developers call for a union to better organize their interests. Rough unifications of video game developers has not yet existed in the usa nor in germany.

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