Was the bush administration a victim of the cia?

The senate intelligence committee exonerates the american president, his comrade-in-arms blair no longer believes in the discovery of weapons of mass destruction

Since the search for weapons of mass destruction in iraq has not really been crowned with success, the warring parties have been searching for some time for convincing explanations for all the misunderstandings, half-truths and targeted disinformation that were still sold as confirmed intelligence in the run-up to the military confrontation. But there are practical aspects to this difficult situation for the american government. The peculiar circumstance that the suppliers of the most important reason for the war are ideally suited to be used in retrospect as scapegoats for an obviously failed, morally and legally highly dubious enterprise, could not have prevented george w. Bush’s starting position improves again four months before the presidential election.

According to a report in the new york times, the u.S. Senate intelligence committee will release an investigation later this week that is quite convenient for the bush administration in terms of timing and content.

Was the bush administration a victim of the cia?

The ominous aluminum tubes presented by u.S. Secretary powell in his speech to the un security council as evidence of nuclear armament

As early as 2000, the cia is said to have learned from iraqi scientists that the programs for the production of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons had been discontinued. The intelligence had not been passed on to the president or other members of the government. Instead, the cia is said to have unimpressedly spread the scenario of an iraq equipped with weapons of mass destruction and to have also falsified statements to this end. A defector and alleged key witness for the development of mobile weapon systems later explained that he was not aware of any activities in this field.

The case of the ominous aluminum tubes, which made headlines in 2001 and which, according to the cia, played an important role in the production of weapons-grade uranium, was also played up by the intelligence agency, which incompletely passed on the following test results. The senate committee, chaired by republican pat roberts and convened as early as mid-june "extremely disappointed" the report, which showed the cia’s willingness to cooperate, apparently attests that the bush administration neither knew anything about all these incidents nor deliberately influenced the nature of intelligence reporting. One wonders, however, why the weibe haus has so deliberately ignored the reports of the un weapons inspectors. The accusations are consequently directed in the main against the cia chief george j., who has since resigned. Tenet and his colleague john mclaughlin, with both pat roberts and his democratic deputy john d. Rockefeller iv. Value tenet’s lasting contributions to the security of the united states.

In a joint denunciation, both emphasize that tenet "tirelessly" worked on the modernization of intelligence activities and gave his country a new lease on life "was- and honorably in difficult and challenging times" i was serving. Whether the cia chief will now be held responsible for internal sloppiness, countless misinformation and the deliberate substitution of publicity, or will have to be a pawn of the bush administration, remains to be seen.

The prere on british prime minister tony blair has not diminished due to the americans’ need for explanation. On tuesday, blair for the first time publicly backed away from the claim that weapons of mass destruction could still be found in iraq, despite his government’s claim in september 2002 that they had been made operational within 45 minutes and that it was now necessary to find them. "We know that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but we also know that we have not found them", blair told members of parliament in london. They could be "removed, hidden or destroyed" and that they could now be expected to be found "perhaps never" to find. Blair simultaneously called for a closure of the guantanamo detention center, which is now a "anomaly" that has to be finished at a certain time.

On 14. In july, the public is to learn how the british secret service actually got its information about the alleged weapons of mass destruction in iraq. Then the credibility of the blair government could be shaken once again. Unless she is inspired once again by transatlantic chess moves. But in this case it still remains to be seen whether the european public can come to terms with the idea that secret services exist as a state within the state and are practically not held accountable in favor of the government.

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