Child abuse: seehofer demands significantly more long-range data retention

Child abuse: Seehofer demands significantly more long-range data retention

Interior minister horst seehofer (csu) calls for a storage data retention of six months to promote the fight against children’s abuse and child pornography. "Since notes on relevant ip addresses often only after several months in the investigating tools, the storage period should only be requested for ip addresses of ten weeks to at least six months", in a letter to justice minister christine lambrecht (spd), the german press agency exists in part. First picture on sunday report.

Individual storage contradicts eu law

In the case of inventory data storage, providers are legally obliged to secure the telephone and internet connection data of the users so that investigators can access later. Above all, the topic has been argued for years with regard to privacy. In germany, a storage period of ten weeks has so far been provided, but the regulation is on ice.

The european court of justice decided in 2016 that a general and domestic storage of telephone and internet connection data with eu law is not compatible. In the coming months, another judgment of the european court of justice is expected from which seehofer vacation rooms are hoped.

Seehofer wants to prerict, lambrecht waiting for ecj judgment

Nevertheless, he makes sense to make the changes already now, "so that they can be implemented in a timely manner after a reconciliation of german regulations with eu law establishing the european court of justice", write seehofer in the letter of 14. July.

Ip addresses often presented the first and sole investigation approach, which is available to the investigative authorization in cases of child pornography. "Without the mandatory storage of ip addresses for telecommunications providers, many cases remain unnecessary."

Lambrecht wants to wait, on the other hand. A spokesman for the federal ministry of justice said the picture on sunday: "a statutory requirement requires reasonable only when the courts have decided."

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