Electronic patient records: health insurers hope for high participation

Electronic patient records: health insurers hope for high participation

The statutory health insurance (gkv) rely on a broad use of electronic patient records (epa), from 1. January as a new offer start. They were "a milestone on the way to use the digitization for better care of the insured", said the boss of the gkv lace association, doris pfeiffer, the german press agency. It is good that this instrument will now be available to the 73 million lawfully insured persons. You hope that the epa meets a lot of interest, because you can make a valuable contribution for the supply. "But it is also clear that the use is voluntary."

The boss of the casual association (kbv), andreas gassen, said the dpa: "when the technique stands and works smoothly, the epa certainly has the potential to be a meaningful assessment in everyday life." the expectations should not be too crude. Insured should use the digital file as an app via your smartphone, documents had to be activated actively by you. "For many old patients, this will be a hurde." for the practices, the epa does not replace the medical documentation and also not the communication between the doctors and other health care facilities.

Epa for voluntary use

E-file should be all the insured persons from 1. January 2021 are offered by the cash registers for voluntary use and get more functions gradually. Digitally stored can first be used about doctoral findings and rontgen images. The patients decide what is stored. You also determine who is allowed to access the epo – but not yet refined in the first year, which criticize data protection. The networking of the epa with doctors should first be tested in a test phase only with selected practices in berlin and the kassenzthe region westfalen-lippe.

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