Meteorite motopi pan: complete story to the origin backrensed

Meteorite Motopi Pan: Complete story to the origin backrensed

A meteorite that has been hit in 2018 in kalahari-wissen in botswana was beaten 22 million years ago from the asteroid vesta. This is the result of a now presented analysis, in the context of which the entire history of such a sky corporation could be completely replenished for the first time. According to this, the international research team responsible for this was not only able to determine that the meteorite offered on motopi pan is a survive of that impact that has arisen on vesta of the crater antonia. Before he had even been affected by two massive funding, whose tracks are still visible. Vesta is the second degree asteroid in the solar system. It was accurately explored by the nasa probe dawn.

Found in front of the impact in space

Meteorite Motopi Pan: Complete story to the origin backrensed

the crater antonia on vesta, photographed by dawn

The team around the astronomer peter jenniskens from the seti institute now explains that motopi pan’s leader was all the second asteroid that was discovered in all of a burst on land in all. At that time he had received the name 2018 la. He had a diameter of about one and a half meters and a mass of 5.7 tonnes. When he bounced on the earth’s atmosphere and broke, he was around 60.000 kilometers per hour have been fast. Also because his impact on different monitoring videos was recorded, he could be found after a funftagna. The break stuck weighed 18 grams and was three centimeters roughly. With a later expedition, 22 more fragments were found and 2020 even a 92 gram of heavy.

Thanks to the recordings of the small asteroid before his end, not only his fall score could be found, but also to be backed up, explain the researchers now. The led to vesta. Non-invasive analyzes of the meteorite, who in botswana as "national treasure" if he had shown that he has his origin deep under the surface of vesta. A meteorite slammed in 2015 in turkey, as well, also comes from there, but is different. From the differences, the researchers can derive new details about the history of vesta. Thus, the two had not been equally affected by the two gigantic funding, which would therefore beat the crater rheasilvia and veneseia before more than four billion years ago.

The end of 2018 la or motopi pan

The fragments yield research that is possible on the basis of samples, which are brought to earth from probes like hayabusa2, the researchers learn the importance of their study. Your analysis has now been published in the trade magazine meteoritics and planetary science.

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