Notebook demand remains strong and fleeing intel

Notebook demand remains strong and fleeing Intel

Inel, in the first quarter of this year, has reduced only a minimum of lower sales than in the previous year, but due to persistently high pc demand, it is clearly on its own expectations. The quarterly profit is still heavily inflated against 2020. For the full year 2021 intel raises its sales forecast something, but expects lower turnover in the second quarter than last year.

In january, intel for the first quarter of 2021 had drilled a revenue to $ 18.6 billion in us dollars. There are then $ 19.7 billion (currently transnational 16.4 billion euros). Thus, sales are one percent below the same quarter of the previous year with then strong xeon sales, as the company announced. The operating profit, however, fallen by 47 percent to 3.7 billion dollars. Net profit in the first quarter of 2021 has fallen by 41 percent to 3.4 billion dollars.

Intel’s pc area remains large sales brawers

Intel’s pc area with the desktop and notebook processors continues to ensure for the coarse share of sales and was able to increase by eight percent at 2020. The desktop sales figures went a bit back year-on-year, even at the fourth quarter of 2020 even by 19 percent, but the notebook sales could increase significantly.

Intel has sold 54 percent more notebook products in the first quarter than last year, although at 23 percent lower average sales prices. This reflects the market trend to favorable chromebooks.

Data center buh, mobileye hui!

Intel’s second degree department, the data center group with professional products, among other things, for data centers, recorded a revenue in the first quarter by 20 percent. Both the sales figures (13 percent) as well as the average selling prices (14 percent).

The daughter mobileye has a positive contribution that offers optical recognition systems for vehicles. Mobereye has posted an increase in sales of 48 percent in the first quarter after they achieved 39 percent more sales in the previous quarter. With a quarterly turnover of $ 377 million, the israeli subsidiary is the smallest reported consolidated unit. For mobileeye, this quarterly turnover means a record.

Moderate view

For the current quarter, intel expects sales in the amount of 18.9 billion dollars. These were four percent less than in the same quarter of 2020. At that time, the group was able to generate $ 19.7 billion in sales. For the entire year 2021 intel raises its sales forecast by half a billion dollars. In this, intel was again achieved the level of sales of last year.

Although the financial results have failed better than expected, intel’s share price was a few percentage points in subpartial trade. The lower sales in the data center area have evolved institutional investors?. Overall, intel’s share price has risen by more than 40 percent since october last year.

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