Salesforce buys slack: “heavenly grading”

Salesforce buys Slack:'himmlische vermahlung''himmlische vermahlung'

Salesforce ames slack technologies to an equivalent of 27.7 billion us dollars. The companies have announced tuesday night. Salesforce offers countless cloud services for companies and is particularly known for its services for customer care (crm). Slack focuses on internal communication and operates the name-based groupware services.

Slack also allows audio and video calls and has pushed push-to-talk functions and "stories" a. These are video clips with which you can pre-prescribe a short appearance in a video conference and can replace moreover. Slack should be integrated deep into the salesforce cloud.

The combination of salesforce and slack has at least better prospects to claim themselves against microsoft, which is not only in the crm market tap, but also operates a groupware service with teams. Teams has become a serial component of the office platform microsoft 365.

This is paid

"That’s a heavenly grinding", salesforce ceo marc benioff showed enthusiasmed, "together, salesforce and slack will form the future of software for gross companies and work the way all people in a completely digital, working-from-week and also-always-world. I am excited to welcome slack in the salesforce family as soon as the transaction is completed." the closing is planned for mid 2021. According to the message, the merger becomes "to work an operating system for the new way" produce and help companies, "in the completely digital world to grow and succeed."

The consideration is processed by coarsely part in cash. Salesforce pays 26.79 billion us dollars plus 0.0776 own shares per slack share. The buyer has secured an annual loan over ten billion dollars and liked the rest of existing own resources. The supervisors must also agree with slack actions. The latter is considered a form matter, salesforce has already secured more than half of the voting rights slacks contractually secured.

Quarterly numbers

At the same time with the confirmation of the already expected supposing slack by salesforce, the buyer has announced its quarterly figures. In the three months until the end of october, salesforce has implemented $ 5.4 billion, a fiveft more than a year ago. Of these, 4 billion remained as gross profit (+ 19%) and 224 million as operating profit (+ 245%).

With net income, salesforce was able to turn a loss of $ 109 million in the same quarter of the previous year in a net profit of 1.1 billion dollars. Behind it is a profit of a billion dollars from the boron of the cloud service provider snowflake. It was the big boring of a software company. Salesforce had previously invested in snowflake.

According to the publications, salesforce shares were first four percent in subsequent trade. The institutional investors were obviously uncomfortable surprise that salesforce pays the suppure almost exclusively with money instead of contesting a coarse part with their own shares. At slack, the overry was already priced, the course moved later only in the promillary area.

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