Study: in ten years, half the fashion is bought online

Study: In ten years, half the fashion is bought online

In ten years, the half of fashion was allowed to be bought online in germany. This is a result of the study published on wednesday "fashion 2030" the management consultancy kpmg and the kolner trade research company ehi. Currently, about 25 percent of total german fashion sales of around 66 billion euros are eliminated on e-commerce providers.

Decrease stationar trade

By 2030, the expenditure of consumers for fashion of the study will increase to 79.2 billion euros. However, this sum will then be spent on the same parts online and spent in stationars, so that ultimately about ten billion euros less in the cash registers landed in the inner states.

"For the trade, the revenue growth in the stationary area means that it must reduce its stationary flats", forecast ehi expert marco atzberger. According to the study, the trading flats were halved in the textile area. This will hit department stores and multi-storey formats on the strongest. The strong flattening of the trade will also be a rough challenge for urban development, it is called in the investigation.

More secondhand fashion

But not only the online trading with textiles was allowed to experience a boom in the next year’s study. The demand for used fashion could also rise to power. "The trend of secondhand clothes always draws large circles and has the potential to combine a market share of 20 percent in the next ten years", it is called in the investigation.

Essential drivers of development are the gross sustainability debate, the digitization of second-hand trade and the commitment of large online fashion platforms that had discovered this market for itself. Second-hand clothing is the most sustainable clothing, since they are not produced only. In addition, she is affordable and easier thanks to the increasing relocation of the offer on online platforms as earlier.

Platform growth

Good one third of consumers in germany (34 percent) buys the study already used clothing. Another 28 percent can imagine. If there were earlier worn clothes, especially on flea markets and in secondhand-loading, then a greater part of the business takes place on the internet now. Initially, especially specialized online shops such as ubup – recently momox fashion or kleiderkreisel / mamaakreisel – recently vinted -, as well as luxury and designer fashion specialized providers such as rebelle or vite envogue, but also offers on ebay, the online market praise.

But now coarse, established fashion chains have discovered the business for themselves. The fashion giant zalando sells used in his online shop under the title "pre-owned". The offer currently includes good 40.000 items for women and around 6000 products for men. Zalando wool "to the first point of contact for fashion" will. "Pre-owned" (used) is a logical assessment, the internet handler charged the entry into the business with used textiles.

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