Tiger lake in the test: intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

Tiger Lake in the test: Intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

In the next few weeks and months, the first notebooks with intel’s tiger-lake-cpus also appear alias elter core i-generation. How to have – and unlike at amds ryzen-4000 chips – are four-group at best. However, the architecture was fundamental, and intel released the usual 15-watt paths: the ctdp window (configurable tdp) is enough to 28 watts. Intel animates the notebook manufacturers to extinguish this; in a "dynamic tuning" mentioned mode cpu cores and the integrated gpu even briefly retry up to 36 watts.

For architecture: what was a bit different from the sunny cove corns in ice-lake notebooks (tenth core-i-generation) is now finally developing by intel’s third generation of 10-nanometer production with "superfin"-transistors. The kiles called willow cove are very fast with single-thread tasks very quickly: up to 600 points on a core in the cinebench r20 we have not seen in a notebook with distance yet. In addition, the completely new integrated xe graphic comes from notebooks "iris xe" homes, and about twice as fast as gen11 graphics works in ice lake chips.

Reference design with switchable tdp

Tiger Lake in the test: Intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

reference notebook in intel blue

Since finished notebooks with tiger lake are not yet – and also because amd’s ryzen-4000 chips collecting records – intel introduced the author in munchen for one day a reference design with the new building blocks. The 1.2 kilo light 14-inch device is based on msis prestige series, according to intel but neither in the tested stock nor in this design will come on the market. Such pre-series gates make chip manufacturers produce internal tests through and convincing customers from the platforms for months before the actual market launch of the platforms.

The notebook was natural with the fastest tiger lake model core i7-1185g7, which creates with four cores and eight threads up to 4.8 ghz in the turbo. The base cycle depends on the specified tdp (and the kuhlsystem): at 15 watts only lean 1.2 ghz is guaranteed, at 28 watts, however, 3.0 ghz. 16 gb lpddr4-4266 and a 1-tbyte ssd pm981a from samsung served as a memory. Intel had a lot of benchmarks and also real applications preinstalled, but we love lying on the left because we have no comparison data.

Intel, however, ware to screw on the device free hand so that we have software installed from our own fund. In addition to the pure cpu performance, we were mainly looking forward to the xe graphics, which is why we tried some games. Practical for testing: the ctdp was switchable on the pre-series notebook in steps of 15, 28 and around 36 watts under windows, which we have controlled with a watt meter brought.

Extra fixe cors

The performance of the willow cove cores and also the clock behavior under load were impressive on the reference system. Already at 15 watts tiger lake in the cinebench r20 suggests almost all current quad-core notebooks (see table). With 28 watts then 599 and 2249 points are in it, which even intels hexagon’s core-i-10000 series and just asparagus ryzen-4000u. In order to put this in the relationship to the state a year ago: even 45-watt hexacores like the core i7-9750h built in gaming notebooks do at best around 440 and 2600 points, in many notebooks less. So today it does not have to be through the kuhler heavy gerates with a short battery life to achieve such performance.

If you turn on the dynamic tuning with around 36 watts, even 601 points are in the single-thread test of the cinebench r20 in it. The multi-score rises to 2422 points. But especially in the flat evo notebooks, this mode could hardly activate a manufacturer. Even the reference system was well warm at 28 watts ctdp in the long run to the manual rests – but never dazzen. Instead, the cores throttle quite reliable when the limit value of 95 degrees is reached, the maximum temperature of 100 degrees (tcase) did not irritate the design.

That, as in most notebooks, the cooling system can not keep the high clock rates permanently shows hwinfo, which according to intel is also reliable for tiger lake: started at cinebench with 4.8 ghz in the multi-core test with 28 watts, then the frequencies up to 3.3 ghz. If the kuhler has been heated once, but there is stable performance, which we have overgrown with the fast completed cinebench r15. Even after four consecutive passes, the value with 28 watts tdp is 960 points, each with variations from highly four numbers, which is within the measurement accuracy.

Tiger lake performance comparison
cpu core / threads notebook cinebench r20 geekbench 5 3dmark (time spy)
core i7-1185g7 4/8 pre-production (15w) 561/111 1594/4840 1519
core i7-1185g7 4/8 pre-production (28w) 599/2249 1593/6053 1802
for comparison
core i7-1065g7 4/8 lg gram 17 431/1232 1332/3949 81
core i7-1065g7 4/8 dell xps 13 (9300) 457/1674 1292/4720 857
core i5-1038g7 4/8 apple macbook pro 13 437/1808 1254/4332 k.A.
Core i7-10710u 6/12 msi prestige 14 412/2267 1179/5147 k.A.
Core i7-10510u 4/8 asus expertbook b9 372/1191 1220/3208 445
core i5-l16g7 5/5 samsung galaxy book s 208/575 670/1454 395
ryzen 7 4800u 8/16 lenovo ideapad 5 484/3944 1156/6720 1216
ryzen 7 4700u 8/8 lenovo yoga slim 7 469/2617 1113/5596 1166
ryzen 5 pro 4650u 6/12 lenovo thinkpad t14s 455/2277 1107/4872 937
ryzen 5 4500u 6/6 acer swift 3 (sf314-42) 447/1919 1080/4151 963
core i9-10980hk 8/16 asus zephyrus duo 15 525/3990 1367/8229 k.A.
Core i7-10750h 6/12 dell xps 15 (9500) 462/2752 1246/6193 k.A.
Ryzen 9 4900hs 8/16 asus zephyrus g14 492/4260 1208/7990 k.A.
Ryzen 5 4600h 6/12 lenovo legion 5 452/4458 1120/6625 k.A.

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