Update for google sheets: big data features and ki answers

Update for Google Sheets: Big Data Features and Ki Answers

As part of an update, google is expanding its spreadsheetsheets to multiple functions. For the first time generally available, connected sheets, with which users can take over bigquery data into their table and can edit them as a regular processing. The aim of the developer is that users can work without sql knowledge with coarse data collections.

Bigquery is a data warehouse from google’s cloud. Although connected sheets derives from this the data, they remain stored in bigquery. Changes in the database will take over automatically and in real time. The feature is reserved for licenses g suite enterprise and enterprise essentials as well as educational customers.

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In addition, google expands the ki functions in sheets. With smart fill, the software evaluates information already entered in the table and suggests appropriate comprehensive operations. For example, if the user wants to separate a list of first and last names, it should copy blob some of the first names. Then, sheets should automatically recognize its pattern, propose a suitable formula and calculate the rest of the column after a confirmation.

Furthermore, sheets should tables with smart cleanup tables without access to the user. Here, when importing data to multiple information, the software searches for incorrect formatting and stop statistics for the selected column in a sidebar. Details and other new features can be found in a blog entry of the developer.

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