The new power of the lords lackeys

The usa rediscovers the un

A tiny war, not worth mentioning. A war in vacation format. Only one enemy up to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction rustet. But already bush ii. The people of france have taken offense at this war, which was not a war, and at this peace, which is not a peace and does not want to be a peace. The biggest budget shortfall since presidential commemoration, u.S. Soldiers killed in iraq every day, war president’s dwindling popularity curves. Already the vietnam war syndrome beckons from afar. Bush must get out of this unforeseen war after war. Hurry! Anything else will cost him a second term, if he has not already gambled it away with the ever-greater shambles in and around baghdad.

Americans are patriots as long as wars are manageable and their eyes are diverted to the economy and their own portfolio. Bush’s father was dropped by the election snode after his victory: it’s the economy, stupid. But the americans’ favorite war game of first winning and then leaving the costly and perilous scramble and reconstruction to friendly auxiliaries could this time pose more difficulties than expected.


Blogs lag news media by 2.5 hours

Nevertheless, according to a comprehensive study by us scientists, some political blogs are faster than the news media in picking up news

Traditional media have a reputation for being slow. This is true for news published in print media. They are always too late compared to the internet or other 24-hour media such as radio or television. But when it comes to who’s faster, the online newsrooms of traditional media continue to unsurprisingly triumph over bloggers. Normally, according to a study by jure leskovec, lars backstrom and jon kleinberg of cornell, respectively. Stanford university uber die letzten drei monate der us-prasidentwahl vom 1. August until 31. October 2008, a head start of 2.5 hours was.

Supposedly, this is the first study to use a huge amount of data to analyze exactly where which news items were first published online, how they spread and when they disappear again into digital nirvana. Analyzed were 20.000 online media websites represented in google news and 1.6 million blogs, as well as 90 million texts, to track specific phrases and short sentences and their variations. Quotations assigned to specific people were selected, which can be easily tracked and also gradually vary. The variations are even very high, say the scientists. Longer text sections or whole articles, on the other hand, cannot really be traced yet, as the complexity increases immensely here.


Bought security council?

Bribery and aid money

The english medical journal lancet is a constant source of political scandal (cf. War cost 650.000 iraqi deaths). The public reaction to the hugely inflated numbers of civilian casualties in iraq brought the prestigious journal to a rude attention beyond its normal readership. Now another scandal is about to be published in the lancet. It is about money intended for aid. A considerable part of it is to be used by the u.S. To bribe members of the un security council for political purposes.

"Very timely" to the pre-christmas season, when aid to the world’s poor and disadvantaged is writ large, the observer yesterday (sunday) published scandalous findings of a research report that will be presented in more detail in the next ie of the lancet.


Sabotaging primeval father of the milky way

First galaxies after the big bang were tiny ones, whose radiation prevented the formation of further dwarf galaxies

By observing the light of distant quasars, a two-headed us astrophysics team was able to confirm the old thesis of re-ionization about the evolution of the universe in its early phase. As the universe gradually cooled, the stars in the young new galaxies emitted high-energy ultraviolet radiation that literally tore the material for more small galaxies to pieces. In this way the way for the large galaxies became free.

How wondrous it is that much in this world is or seems to be as we are able to experience it with our senses and artistic instruments, if one leaves aside for a moment the "things" we will not be able to answer questions that we have not yet grasped and understood with our senses and artificial instruments – such as the true nature of nebulous dark matter or the true nature of black holes. Nevertheless, we should be grateful to the cosmic, geological and biological evolution that since the "big bang", which according to the latest calculations of wmap generated matter, space and time 13.7 billion years ago, it has adjusted all switches in the habitable zone of our galaxy and our solar system so precisely that we can think about these questions here and now.


The conflation of space

…And our view of the world: on the renaissance of geopolitics, part 2

"Clash of civilizations", "empire", notched and smooth space, world market and world system – geopolitics (cf. In reverse mode through the history of the world) returns to the public discourse. Cultural studies are beginning to examine spatial constructions of a literary, visual, political and economic nature; politics is doing something similar, and where possible is putting such concepts into practice.

The conflation of space

"Any filming of the "war of the worlds" has geopolitical implications. The novel was wells’ metaphorical attempt to condemn british colonialism and imperialism. And orson welles’ horspiel acted in the medium term as an appeal to america to finally decide to fight hitler." said steven spielberg in an interview about his latest work "war of the worlds." the question is, of course, what the geopolitical implications of this are?


Greens fear health risks from umts

New limits and safety distances demanded

Lower saxony’s grunen want information from the state government on the health risks posed by umts mobile communications. In view of the many radio stations, there is growing uneasiness among the population, stated the deputy chairman of the parliamentary group, enno hagenah, on monday. The grunes demand more precaution against electrosmog.

Are there criteria of the state government for the protection of citizens from electrosmog?? This is the core of a question of the lower saxony grunes to the state government. In view of the renewal of transmission masts for umts mobile radio, the grunen consider it necessary that limit values and safety distances be determined and, above all, that information be provided about them.


Bizarre diplomacy between berlin and athens

Is the crisis over the euro a private dispute between the german and greek parties??

In ancient times, the goddess eris was responsible for discord and thus chaos. In the current modern age, no less chaotic conditions are developing around the euro. The political tone in and around greece is getting rougher and rougher. The former troicans have been residing in the hilton hotel since thursday, just as they did in the past. Tsipras had to accept a return of inspectors under prere from eu partners. Prospects for a financial injection, which would really deserve the name aid, on the other hand, do not exist. According to the rule "bread and games" is therefore offered all the more game for lack of the bread.

Bizarre diplomacy between berlin and athens

Image: w. Aswestopoulos


“Hard on yourself, hard on your own”

Everyday life in the countryside with all its envy, hatred and sexual abuse: "tannod"

Suddeutschland, funfziger years: a complete farmer family including children and maid is bestial murdered. Andrea maria schenkel sets out in search of the murderer and finally finds what she is looking for in a small village. But even more interesting than the question of who the culprit is, are her precise and subtle observations of a social milieu fed by catholicism, post-fascism and unbroken male power.

When the danner family is found slain on their farm by neighbors one noon, the excitement in the village is as gross as the pity is slight. Because none of the villagers really liked the inhabitants of the remote estate tannod. Some consider them to be breadwinners, others feel betrayed by the old danner. As long as the perpetrator has not yet been identified, there is still a lot of room for rumors about the motives.


Bio-electricity or bio-fuel?

Bio-electricity or bio-sprit?

Electric motor, tesla. Photo: karlehorn, wikimedia; license: cc by-sa 3.0

How the car of the future will drive most efficiently

The most environmentally friendly way to move a vehicle is undoubtedly to pedal powerfully. However, the principle is hardly transferable to any distance and any kind of load transport. With the hydrogen revolution unlikely to materialize and the personal nuclear backpack of the 1960s set to remain a utopia, two technologies currently seem to hold the greatest promise for the powertrain of the future: the internal combustion engine, which burns fuel generated from organic matter, and the electric motor, which generates electrical energy (i.E., biofuel) "electricity") needed.


Contact tracking: praise for luca, telekom and sap contrary

Contact tracking: praise for Luca, Telekom and SAP contrary

Bund and lander have agreed in the first marwoche that in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic "the mandatory documentation for contact tracking can also be done in electronic form, for example via apps". In the light of the public is currently the luca app of the berlin startups nexenio, for the particular smudo from the fanta four drums.

The mobile application has many fans. Through the lockdown dehydrated industries such as gastronomy and culture, it hopes a rough step towards open concepts. Mecklenburg-vorpommern’s minister presentess manuela schwesig (spd) rally on sunday that the luca app is the first federal state flat, voluntarily and "for free" insert flat-end in all open-minded areas and so "tagging" end. Licenses for the operators pay the state government, people without smartphone could be a keychang "in retail, restaurant or gym" log in. The license and operation for one year should be 440 together.000 euro costs, it is called in the contract already closed on friday.

The heads of the state and senate law firms of the countries currently advise with the boss of the federal chancellery, helge braun (cdu), over a possible federal solution. Time, place and accessibility of the contact person had to do it "to be documented sufficiently pracisse and the data in the case of an infectious events directly to the state health department are provided in a usable form", had it in advance. Be conceivable but also, "a technical gateway for access to health stores" to develop and designed for sormas.