All against barbara baumann

Global capital wants free world trade without risk

The governments in washington and berlin want to seal the free trade agreement and rewrite the rules. And for that they have to clear a problem out of the way first. It is called: barbara baumann, mother of a murdered trade unionist of mercedes-benz argentina and plaintiff against daimler before a court in california. In april, the u.S. Supreme court had decided to hear the case of daimler ag v. Baumann. It’s a matter of geography: can the court in san francisco hear the case of the disappearing mercedes operating rate? The california judges answered in the affirmative, saying the german automaker was raking in astronomical profits in the sunshine state and, according to the "general distributor agreement" mercedes-benz usa (daimler collapsed).

For global capital, free enterprise is at stake. It is exerting massive prere on the supreme court. The trade unions, on the other hand, are ignoring the case and pretending that it does not concern them. Even the consumer protection associations have not yet made up their minds. This is no longer just a human rights case from 40 years ago on the other side of the world. The ie is whether multinational companies can operate freely in all markets of the world and generate profits without risk, because they only want to be held legally responsible in the place that they have declared to be their parent company. And this place can be stuttgart, palermo or the cayman islands. Only enough dummy companies and straw men have to be interposed in order to blur the path to where the money ends up.


“Evacuation of migrants from libya”

Protests against slave trade in libya. Screenshot of a video, youtube

A new refugee deal? Africa-eu summit agrees on joint action plan. It is also about a reordering of libya

The french president, speaking in ouagadougou, had said that migrants stuck in libya should be evacuated and hinted at a plan to do so. Now first concrete outlines become known. European and african leaders agreed on something on the sidelines of the abidjan summit that would make it "never existed", writes robin alexander ("the driven") in the world:


Bird, airplanes and spaceships

The dream of flying dies when it is realized.

We can no longer experience the flight of the bird as our ancestors experienced it: as an impossible dream. Birds are no longer those creatures that inhabit the space between us and the sky, but they now inhabit the space between our cars and sports planes. From links between animals and angels they became the object for the study of behavioral research. If we include our experience with birds in that of our ancestors, we will have to say that all birds are to us what chickens were to them: bad flying creatures. Now, such a change in our attitude towards birds and flying, caused by aviation and space travel, has a significant effect on our world view. We have lost one of the traditional ideals of freedom and the concrete view of the "sublime" lost.

Trying to settle into our ancestors’ view of flying is complicated by two factors: our own view of flying and the myth of flying. The two difficulties grind our attachment to our tradition in two opposite ways: the first excludes us from the tradition and the second refreshes us to participate in it in an entirely new way. In other words, as a result of the new view of the bird’s flight we can no longer understand how our ancestors saw it. And since we participate in the same myth of flight, we do not understand how our ancestors brought together the view of flight with the myth. The two difficulties i will try to explain.


Once again

Just in time for christmas, the legendary moscow department store gum is once again trying to go online

Last year gum had a problem. A website was set up, but no one showed up. Almost no one, it has to be said, because during half a year supposedly just 1000 visitors stopped by. The end of the online gum. Now they are competing once again with a new website.

However, the expectations are immediately lowered. The largest russian department store opened its doors in cyberspace last week. The virtual gum, where you can buy 50,000 goods from half of the stores, cost two million us dollars. The other stores, which are not owned by gum but pay rent, are to be integrated later on. The goods can be bought online – with a discount of 5 percent – but the company does not rely on the resulting revenue, but sees the virtual gum more as an advertising tool to lure shoppers to the real department store.


Delving into the digital divide

In the end, this political fashion statement has little to do with computers and internet access

Of all the jargon created thanks to computer technology and the world of networking1, the most preposterous thus far has to be the term "the digital divide". Aside from being a convenient political fashion statement, it bears little to what it supposedly represents. Indeed, it goes even further, belittling and burying the problem of an uneven playing field in "cyberspace", one that exacerbates differences in gender, ethnicity, social status, education, and wealth.

The notion of the "digital divide" supposedly represents those who are unable to take advantage of computer networking. Even before this term became commonplace, the problem was recognised by many, although alluded to by different names. The european commission, for instance, has referred to such inequalities within the world of computer networking as a "two-tier information society". 2


The terrorists and the child pornography

Once again, claims are circulating in the media that islamist terrorists are encrypting secret messages in images through steganography

Islamic terrorist suspects are once again allegedly using images to secretly exchange encrypted messages. They use child pornography images to do so, it is said, and use steganography to make secret messages and escape the watchful eye of security forces who are not equipped to do so. The british times claims to have learned that british intelligence agencies and scotland yard, in raids in the uk, have come across a "link between terror plots and hardcore child pornography" had been pushed. These were probably some of the most advanced plots, the report adds. Child pornography was also found in suspected terrorists in italy and spain, and in italy as early as 2001. Terrorists encode messages into images, times says, exploiting padophile websites as secure ways to share information.

After the reference to the alleged use of child pornography as a means of communication for islamist terrorists, however, it is then said that intelligence services and police do not actually know whether the suspects had only collected the images out of sexual interest or whether they had really used them as a means of communication as well. In one case, 12, and in another, 40.000 images found.


Who is behind the syrian poison gas attack??

Chp politicians blame turkish intelligence and islamist militias based on court documents

Even by syrian standards, it was a gigantic massacre. Up to 1700 people died on 21. August 2013 in the ghouta region. But even two years after the poison gas attack, the background is unclear. Now, turkic politicians are blaming their country’s government.

It is one of those blurry cell phone videos that have become the daily chroniclers of the syrian war and whose images are nevertheless hard to bear. Pale faces stare into the camera there. Only the foam in front of the mouth shows something like life. Children’s bodies lined up on the ground. Between them crouch screaming parents and press sanitater their hands on chest body. "Sarin gas attack syria" is written in arabic above the youtube clip.


The death of greek fubball

The death of the greek fubball

The russian-greek oligarch ivan savvidis. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

In greece, the oligarchs continue to rule and make a mockery of football, as was shown again last weekend by ivan savvidis, who stormed onto the pitch with a pistol strapped to his belt and bodyguards

On sunday evening, the derby between paok thessaloniki and aek athens took place in thessaloniki. The game has been a very special one since the foundation of both clubs. After all, both teams refer to their origins, the greeks of istanbul (constantinople), who were expelled from turkey during the population exchange in the 1920s. Both teams rode the byzantine double eagle in the club emblem. The double-headed eagle of paok does not quite correspond to the coat of arms of the byzantine emperors. Because paok lost the right to use the original eagle in the emblem on the field of play in the last century.


The cooperation of turkey and is

Cooperation between turkey and is

Id check at a checkpoint in syria (of the sdf, near rakka). Image: u.S. Army/free public domain

Collusion between turkish intelligence (mit) and is on border crossing and treatment of wounded is fighters

Since the defeat of is in syria, more and more details about the links between turkey and is are coming to light. The u.S. Publication washington examiner, like other media outlets, quoted from an interview lasting several hours in which a high-ranking is fighter gave details about the cooperation between turkey and is.


Caught: rule app betray pregnancies, photo service builds facial recognition

Caught: Rule app betray pregnancies, photo service builds facial recognition

The us commercial persons ftc has caught two companies in the unfair use of consumer data. They come with a comparison without punishment of it. The us app flo, which calculates menstrual and ovulation dates, had promised to protect all entered data. Secretly, the operator company flo health should have passed on the data on facebook, google, appsflyer and flurry – for advertising and analysis purposes, says the ftc.

The company everalbum offered the storage of private photos and videos in the cloud under the name ever in the cloud. In february 2017, ever has enabled facial recognition. At the time, ever leads "friends"-feature one with which it assembles photos automatically based face detection to image collections. From september of the same year ever album has taken advantage of its customers saved photos to develop their own facial recognition algorithms.

Secretly private recordings exploited

The affected customers did not know about. On the contrary, from july 2018 to april 2019 claiming ever even, there was no explicit agreement no face detection run over customer images leave. In fact, however, is to face recognition automatically be run over all files. From may 2018 customers in the eu and in three us states had shut down the possibility of face recognition.