New hope for the “gay bomb”

… And why fundamentalist christians and german rappers might stay away from chinese food in the future

A team of researchers led by david featherstone of the university of illinois at chicago (uic) succeeded in turning homosexual behavior on and off in flies after discovering that the insects’ sexual orientation depends on a previously unknown gene that regulates synapse strength.

Featherstone was originally interested in this gene because of its unusual ability to transport glutamate, a neurotransmitter used as a flavor enhancer in asian cuisine, out of glial cells. A change in the amount of glutamate outside cells can change the strength of synapses and thus the behavior of living beings. Then yael grosjean found that a mutation of this gene in male flies resulted in the "courting" other male flies to become. However, the flies were not exclusively homosexual, but bisexual. The team therefore named the gene in question "genderblind" or short "gb".


On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

Trieste (italy), 24. July 2011 – we are on the new maserati grancabrio sport on the road. The with 450 hp just 10 hp more power than the version without "sports" in the name of. Is the additional designation only about a marketing label, which should boost the sales of the model? Finally, the undoubtedly it is undue convertible with a basic price of 139.000 euro even for upcoming no snap. We have fetched the trident extensively on the tooth.

Differences for connoisseurs

The sports version of the convertible will only distinguish connoisements right away from the previous variant. The easiest thing is to see at the trident on the kuhler grill: this is now provided with two red crossbeams. The inwardly curved kuhlerbill is always black and the outside corners of the front spoiler were optimized aerodynamically. In addition, the front headlights are stored in the sports variant. Laterally, the expert viewer fall on the new sills, and from the rear look oval tailpipes. Anywhere of the wind and weather is still protecting a substance meal – so the for a convertible. The top closes and open in 28 seconds each – even at a ride of up to 30 km / h.

Luxury in the interior

When entering the grancabrio sport, luxury suggests us. The seats are covered with bright leather and even for long stretches comfortable. However, they offer only medium-month page stop. A carbon bar pulls from right to left over the dashboard, the clock perched at the upper end of the center console. The steering wheel finds us a bit roughly, since the italians fruher had made in the gran sport better tax rack in the program – smaller, thicker, made of carbon and with alcantara-disguised handle flats. We would like to have something like that again.


Google i – o: details of sinking app for developers

Google I-O: Details about sinking app for developers

In marz, google has called for a reduction in emerging in particular for smaller developers. From the first million us dollar annual sales in the google play store retain google from 1. July 15 percent, for revenues beyond that are 30 percent. Currently, this proud sentence is even from the first dollar.

However, the discount does not automatically, as the group has announced on google i / o on tuesday: developers have to create a account group (account group) and accept specific conditions. That will only be from 7. June to be possible. Google adds all over the accounts group to each other in close connections. The millions threshold does not apply for each app, but per developer (collective) or company. It should not be bypassed by separate developer accounts.

Care: this year, the lower batch rate is considered at all up to half a million dollars. Google greeted this with the fact that the sales calculation follows the calendar year, and to 1. July has elapsed half a year.


Nicaragua: president wants wife as vice president

Nicaragua: president wants wife as vice president

Daniel ortega with his wife rosario murillo. Photo: fernanda lemarie – cancilleria del ecuador. License: cc by-sa 20/es

Daniel ortega responds to accusations of building a dynasty, saying that he is concerned about "gender equality"

In the third fourth season of the television series house of cards, president frank underwood – who is otherwise quite power-conscious – sees it as a problem to present his wife as vice-presidential candidate to his party and the voters. Daniel ortega, the president of nicaragua, has no such inhibitions: he officially informed the electoral commission in managua on tuesday that if he is re-elected in november, he intends to replace his current vice-president, omar halleslevens, with his wife, rosario murillo, who is currently government spokeswoman. Ortega’s party, the frente sandinista de liberacion nacional (fsln), supports him in this endeavor.


Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Ulm, 31. Marz 2011 – over decades, diesel engines of mercedes are famous for their durability – and bounces for their homeland temperament. Some of the pre-chamber self-cord achieved a mileage of one million kilometers, especially taxiigner report on even higher miles with the same machine. That a private person experiences that the six-digit of 999.999 km jump back to zero, is already rarer before. A swab has done it now – with its mercedes e 300 diesel, built in 1989, the w 124 series. In doing so, fritz weber is a head of the kreissparkasse ummendorf in the district of biberach / rib no profession, in which one is inescaped for mileage. Nevertheless, he and his benz brought it on average to around 45.454 kilometers a year. Let him never have his car never.

No sunday car

At the age of 37, the today 59-year-olds set up the mercedes. In the 22 years the car had to go through a lot. Weber has always seen his daimler as a commercial vehicle and refers to him "ackergaul". Already of the oleren he sat down as a construction site vehicle "houselebau" a. Even at holiday trips, the e-class velvet caravan wacker held. Whether atlantic or mediterranean, the mercedes and fritz weber have made every challenge so far – but sometimes only with the crowbar. "With 113 hp, there are always slopes: full throttle in the second gear", explains the schwabe.

Enter gentle and a lot of care

Of course, the question arises as how weber has kept his mercedes over the years so well. "Gentle retraction is very important", explains weber. He makes this with all cars in the family circle like that. For the motorenol, weber has been familiar with the liqui moly brand for years. The press spokesman of the inlaid company, tobias gobbel, has surprised a certificate of the weber for a short time. The care was always the highest priority for the savings bank leader. This is obvious weekly washing, all three months paint, rims and plastic parts were preserved and the rubber parts maintained. Also scratches, dents or rust approaches had no chance at weber and were removed immediately.


Federal court of arrest rejects claims for a ban on lethal sporting firearms

Parents of victims of the rampage in winnenden have failed for the time being to enforce a stricter weapons law

After the winnenden killing spree (2009), two parents of victims and the spokesman of the initiative "no murder weapons as sporting weapons!" representing his two school-age children filed lawsuits against the german weapons law with the federal constitutional court. The existing weapons law "inadmissible the right to practice the sport of shooting over the right to life and physical integrity", so the reasoning of the verfangsbeschwerde.

The argument is that the existing weapons law could not prevent massacres like the one in winnenden. The state is not sufficiently fulfilling its duty to protect because the possession of lethal firearms continues to be permitted:


Ride impressions in the new mini cooper s convertible

Ride impressions in the new mini cooper s convertible

Villach (austria), 30. January 2009 – i call this anticyclic action: a convertible presentation in the middle of winter and then at minus degrees in snowy ski resort villach. Which pr expert has had this bizarre incidence? But after two days on snow, ice and asphalt can only be the conclusion: that was a great idea of the organizers – especially because the presented car was a mini cooper s in the brand new folding roof version.

Finally ball-free

Ruckblende: staggered with thick down jacket, double wrapped wool scarf, an extra-ski-motto and with a concentrated portion of skepticism in the stomach i head for the first time two days before the open british – and must also revise my prejudices tapped by the process. While i went to the limousine like millions of other autofans (i was spontaneously in love), i could never look properly for the fresh air version of the first mini-generation: the two chromed chrome-plated "henkel to throw away", excuse: rolling ball, behind the fundsitzbank in the high and destructed the chic line of the open british.

Use only in an emergency

The mini-designers have avoided this stylistic one of the mini-designers with the new model – and the result is amazing. Sure: the two humps of the uberroll bug are still available, but were built in the new yet significantly lower and cleverly hidden behind the folding head. In addition, the result under asthetic aspects such as safety viewpoints is more than satisfactory: in the case of a case, the on-board electronics let the chromed crossbar in 150 milliseconds in the high fast fast. Together with the amplified a-souls, this should create enough survival room for the maximum four passengers even at a surcharge.


Bluff from the french ministry of the interior?

bluff from the french ministry of the interior?

Ministry of the interior, paris, rue des saussaies. Bild: thibault taillandier/cc by-sa 3.0

The employee of radio dreyeckland, who was hastily deported from france, is now once again on his way to the counter-summit against the g7 summit in the basque country

Radio dreyeckland (rdl) freiburg freelancer will presumably be able to take part in protests against the g7 summit in biarritz, basque country, after all. As telepolis has experienced, is located "luc" (his full name is known to the editors) is once again on his way through france to attend the counter-summit in franco-basque hendaye and spanish-basque irun starting wednesday.


Iaa: mini cooper se and se countryman all4

Bmw’s lifestyle brand mini continues to electrify itself, and at the iaa (12. To 22. September 2019) for the first time the battery-electric mini cooper se. An updated version of the mini cooper se countryman all4 will also make its first appearance at the show.

The electric range of the hybrid-powered all-wheel-drive mini cooper se countryman all4 model is now said to be up to 57 kilometers. Not that the hybrid could possibly come close to the brand-typical agility that we had already quietly desperately sought in the mini cooper se countryman all4 (test). It seems more important for mini to finally meet the criteria of the electromobility act for reduced company car taxation.

First battery-powered mini

The purely battery-electric mini cooper se is based on the conventionally powered model and, with its 135 kw. Its lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 32.6 kwh, is expected to deliver a power consumption of between 16.8 and 14.8 kwh. So the values achieved in the wltp were allowed to be significantly lower, in reality one should probably better expect a maximum of 200 km.


Was the bush administration a victim of the cia?

The senate intelligence committee exonerates the american president, his comrade-in-arms blair no longer believes in the discovery of weapons of mass destruction

Since the search for weapons of mass destruction in iraq has not really been crowned with success, the warring parties have been searching for some time for convincing explanations for all the misunderstandings, half-truths and targeted disinformation that were still sold as confirmed intelligence in the run-up to the military confrontation. But there are practical aspects to this difficult situation for the american government. The peculiar circumstance that the suppliers of the most important reason for the war are ideally suited to be used in retrospect as scapegoats for an obviously failed, morally and legally highly dubious enterprise, could not have prevented george w. Bush’s starting position improves again four months before the presidential election.

According to a report in the new york times, the u.S. Senate intelligence committee will release an investigation later this week that is quite convenient for the bush administration in terms of timing and content.