Corona effect: fitness devices, game consoles and smartwatches become more popular

Corona effect: Fitness devices, game consoles and Smartwatches become more popular

Many digital, networked devices sell much better in north america since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes smart sports and fitness devices, game consoles, e-book reader, smartwatches, vr headsets and alarm systems. Consumers have comfortably furnished at home after they could no longer go in gyms or work.

This is out of a study published this week of the network software provider cujo ai. Cujo ai has analyzed dafur from january 2020 to april 2021 on a billion in the us and canada networked devices. The california company offers cyber safety and device management software for network operators in north america.

Especially in the first months of the pandemic, according to study, smart sports and fitness equipment as well as e-book reader were in demand. The latter could record a growth of 150 percent, but over time have booked popularity. The temporary retention of the gym has not stopped consumers to continue sports. You have just moved that to your own four. From marz 2020 networked fitness and sports gates were 50 percent more in demand than before.


Tiger lake in the test: intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

Tiger Lake in the test: Intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

In the next few weeks and months, the first notebooks with intel’s tiger-lake-cpus also appear alias elter core i-generation. How to have – and unlike at amds ryzen-4000 chips – are four-group at best. However, the architecture was fundamental, and intel released the usual 15-watt paths: the ctdp window (configurable tdp) is enough to 28 watts. Intel animates the notebook manufacturers to extinguish this; in a "dynamic tuning" mentioned mode cpu cores and the integrated gpu even briefly retry up to 36 watts.

For architecture: what was a bit different from the sunny cove corns in ice-lake notebooks (tenth core-i-generation) is now finally developing by intel’s third generation of 10-nanometer production with "superfin"-transistors. The kiles called willow cove are very fast with single-thread tasks very quickly: up to 600 points on a core in the cinebench r20 we have not seen in a notebook with distance yet. In addition, the completely new integrated xe graphic comes from notebooks "iris xe" homes, and about twice as fast as gen11 graphics works in ice lake chips.

Reference design with switchable tdp

Tiger Lake in the test: Intel clearly struggles up to date notebook quad cores

reference notebook in intel blue


Google i – o: details of sinking app for developers

Google I-O: Details about sinking app for developers

In marz, google has called for a reduction in emerging in particular for smaller developers. From the first million us dollar annual sales in the google play store retain google from 1. July 15 percent, for revenues beyond that are 30 percent. Currently, this proud sentence is even from the first dollar.

However, the discount does not automatically, as the group has announced on google i / o on tuesday: developers have to create a account group (account group) and accept specific conditions. That will only be from 7. June to be possible. Google adds all over the accounts group to each other in close connections. The millions threshold does not apply for each app, but per developer (collective) or company. It should not be bypassed by separate developer accounts.

Care: this year, the lower batch rate is considered at all up to half a million dollars. Google greeted this with the fact that the sales calculation follows the calendar year, and to 1. July has elapsed half a year.


Apple systems: macos 11.5 and ipados 14.7 are available

Apple published on thursday updates for macos and ipados. The updates do not come to this time for several days after the publication of the new operating system versions for iphone, apple watch or apple tv – usually apple offers all his updates on a hit.

Ipad update delivers bug fixes

So were ios 14.7 and watchos 7.6, tvos 14.7 and homepod os 14.7 velvet a safari update to version 14.1.2 for catalina and mojave already published on monday. Ipados 14.7 fixes several mistakes and offers some smaller innovations. It was allowed to act around the last coarse update of the 14er row. The home app can now configure timer to the homepod. The podcasts bibiotheoth shows on request all shipments or only those who are followed. In the us, you can use the apple card family feature to combine credit card limits together and to use a shared account.

In the apple music application, the possibility of passing on the parts menu; this was fixed. A problem with standing atmos and lossless tracks was fixed. Braille displays should always show correct information in mail – even when writing new messages. Furthermore, a bug with audio skipping was turned off when using usb-c headhorassian adapters (3.5 mm mini-lint).


Boxworks digital: annotations for mobile devices and deeper teams integration

Boxworks Digital: Annotations for mobile devices and deeper teams integration

With a first digitally held event, box has box.Com introduces new functions of his cloud content mangement system. Annotations comes on mobile devices, relay gets individual templates and a new api. Over teams can be controlled more applications.

Annotations is called the feedback function in box, which is also available for all mobile devices: comments can be stored directly in files, box informs if necessary employees via push message if you want to edit this change request. Comments or markers can also be made on the ipad via apple pencil. Apple scribble automatically converts these into digital text.

More possibilities for users

Box relay has existed since 2019, so that processes should be automated. It is new that users can customize templates from october, box had recently released a collection of prefabricated templates. "This is how best practices can be integrated, simplify deployments and standardize teams with regard to general processes", it is called in a press release to the boxing works.


Esim: apple cranks use for apple watch

ESIM: Apple cranks use for Apple Watch

Who wants to put his apple watch with lte without iphone into the net, requires an embedded sim card, the so-called esim. This is digitally written to the computer clock. So far, user had found in germany that they were also able to obtain an esim for the watch for certain discounters – such as the provider winsim – and not only with apple’s mobile phone partners telekom, vodafone and o2.

An update of network operator settings, which may have been part of the youngest ios and watchos versions, then asks this. This is the colleague of iphone ticker.De noticed.

Debugging uses nothing

The computer clock can now no longer connect with the network with the discounter of a multisim / multicard from the discounter, as was previously possible. Expert debugging steps (flight mode on / off, connect to the iphone loose, complete resurface fails. Apparently, apple has started with the updates to exclude third party providers. Also the so far possible way of activating the esim per qr code on the watch now does not seem possible.


Facebook wants to become standard messenger on the iphone

Facebook wants to become standard messenger on the iPhone

Facebook, the largest social network of the world, was happy to become a standard software on the iphone with one of his messenger apps. According to a report by the it-fachblatt the information, the company is currently trying to use appropriate prere on apple. The starting point is a new function in ios 14, which allows it to select both the default browser and the default e-mail program. Chrome, firefox, gmail or hey already use this feature, even if there was a bug in the meantime, which restarts the setting after a restart.

Facebook messenger as default

Facebook viceprasident stan chudnovsky, head of the messenger app on facebook, meant in conversation the information, his company has the feeling that people "the selection under different messaging apps and the default app on your phone" have. "Everything moves in this direction", he claimed. Apple itself does not pretend to determine the standard message application in ios 14. Accordingly, apple’s own imessage app, which also supports sms and mms, is selected here.

Facebook operates with facebook messenger and whatsapp two of the most popular messenger platforms on the planet. The company had combined both programs – also in growing with direct messages at instagram -. This is howsapp in his splash screen always as "from facebook" titulated, even if many users do not realize that dasfur 2014 for 19 billion us dollars amed took the social networking giant.


First stable hull for the airpods max

First stable hull for the airpods max

Despite more than 600 euros: instead of a real hulle, apple’s freshny used airpods max only a so-called smart case. This is attached to the earproof and then ensures that the uber-ear headhorians expire into a bizarchy deep sleep – but it does not protect the bugel nor serves as a carrying case. The well-known apple accessory specialist waterfield designs from san francisco now make a remedy here and with the airpods max shield case a specially designed for the new apple audio tool packaged packaging brought on the market.

Energy saving mode is supported

The shield case is a classic oval hull in which the airpods max completely disappear. It is paused with a velvety material and consists of wholegrain leather plus "ballistic" nylon or waxed canvas. A total of four colors are offered: chocolate, black, blue and carmine red. Conveniently integrated is a magnetic system that includes apple’s smart case functionality – "magnetic leather butterfly" purchases the airpods max in the low-power mode. Two aubans – one with friction closure – serve for accessories.

Carse and heavy as the airpods max

However, the spab is not cheap: waterfield designs that produces its products directly in california requires for the airpods max shield case whopping 100 us dollars. With 24 times 6 times 23 centimeters and a weight of 317 or 408 grams plus airpods max, it is so voluminous. Theoretical, it is even possible to insert the airpods max including smart case.


Report: “iphone 12” with 5g problems in europe

How fareste is the 5g support in the new "iphone 12" be? The gates that are presented today could have restrictions in supporting the different frequency bands. In any case, the british newspaper reports telegraph.

Deutsche telekom in the advantage?

According to the message apple supposedly does not plan to support the 700 mhz band. That should "industrial insider" have put the leaf. In the great britain, this lower spectrum is used standard mab, as it promises the most width room cover. This was given to the provider three in the hands of the 700 mhz spectrum gained various other frequency bands.

In germany, the mobile service providers also act different with 5g frequency use. Deutsche telekom relies on the band n1 at 2100 mhz, where only 3g sparked so far. Vodafone, on the other hand, preferably uses the frequencies of the digital dividend ii at 700 mhz on tape n28. Vodafone promises a better supply in the flat and indoors. Additional antennas at high frequencies should create additional capacity at vodafone, where it is needed. Accordingly, that could "iphone 12" at the telekom first have a better cover, the 700 mhz spectrum really should not be supported.