Bizarre diplomacy between berlin and athens

Is the crisis over the euro a private dispute between the german and greek parties??

In ancient times, the goddess eris was responsible for discord and thus chaos. In the current modern age, no less chaotic conditions are developing around the euro. The political tone in and around greece is getting rougher and rougher. The former troicans have been residing in the hilton hotel since thursday, just as they did in the past. Tsipras had to accept a return of inspectors under prere from eu partners. Prospects for a financial injection, which would really deserve the name aid, on the other hand, do not exist. According to the rule "bread and games" is therefore offered all the more game for lack of the bread.

Bizarre diplomacy between berlin and athens

Image: w. Aswestopoulos


All against barbara baumann

Global capital wants free world trade without risk

The governments in washington and berlin want to seal the free trade agreement and rewrite the rules. And for that they have to clear a problem out of the way first. It is called: barbara baumann, mother of a murdered trade unionist of mercedes-benz argentina and plaintiff against daimler before a court in california. In april, the u.S. Supreme court had decided to hear the case of daimler ag v. Baumann. It’s a matter of geography: can the court in san francisco hear the case of the disappearing mercedes operating rate? The california judges answered in the affirmative, saying the german automaker was raking in astronomical profits in the sunshine state and, according to the "general distributor agreement" mercedes-benz usa (daimler collapsed).

For global capital, free enterprise is at stake. It is exerting massive prere on the supreme court. The trade unions, on the other hand, are ignoring the case and pretending that it does not concern them. Even the consumer protection associations have not yet made up their minds. This is no longer just a human rights case from 40 years ago on the other side of the world. The ie is whether multinational companies can operate freely in all markets of the world and generate profits without risk, because they only want to be held legally responsible in the place that they have declared to be their parent company. And this place can be stuttgart, palermo or the cayman islands. Only enough dummy companies and straw men have to be interposed in order to blur the path to where the money ends up.


Once again

Just in time for christmas, the legendary moscow department store gum is once again trying to go online

Last year gum had a problem. A website was set up, but no one showed up. Almost no one, it has to be said, because during half a year supposedly just 1000 visitors stopped by. The end of the online gum. Now they are competing once again with a new website.

However, the expectations are immediately lowered. The largest russian department store opened its doors in cyberspace last week. The virtual gum, where you can buy 50,000 goods from half of the stores, cost two million us dollars. The other stores, which are not owned by gum but pay rent, are to be integrated later on. The goods can be bought online – with a discount of 5 percent – but the company does not rely on the resulting revenue, but sees the virtual gum more as an advertising tool to lure shoppers to the real department store.


Trump: “american wine is better than french wine”

Trump:'der amerikanische wein ist besser als der franzosische'

Image: woman’s house

In campaign mode, the president not only nationalistically attacks macron, but also, not coincidentally, a black democratic congressman

Donald trump doesn’t like that france wants to impose taxes on u.S. It corporations and monopolies. In his always refreshingly naive, not very statesmanlike manner, he fired off a tweet that the u.S. Should be allowed to tax american corporations, even if they make their profits abroad. And if the french president turns against the american corporations, we will soon have a "reciprocal action to macron’s stupidity" announce: "i have always said that american wine is better than french wine."


Money wash: bitcoin co. Should be fully tracked in the eu

Money Wash: Bitcoin & Amp; Co. Should be fully tracked in the EU

A whole bundle of legislative proposals has submitted the eu commission on tuesday to strongly affect the fight against money washes and terrorism financing. Part of the package are sharp specifications for use of virtual preservation such as bitcoin, etherum or ripple. The commission wants to ensure that transfers of appropriate crypto values "completely tracked".

Already with the current 5. Money washing guideline must have operators of currency rods and other service providers around krypto-professionals their customers in the context of the "care diligence obligations" check for finanzhauser. For them, for example, to save the identity of users as well as their wallet addresses in a central database and to report suspected trap. With the proposed reform, these rules are to be extended to the entire krypto sector and all service providers are subject to identification specifications. Anonymous krypto wallets wants to ban the commission of principle.

Expand application of the money laundering line

Another step towards the amendment to the relevant legal framework, the eu commission has already undertaken with its draft for a regulation for crypto values in the previous year. The requirements for eu iers of tokens as well as for service providers should be determined, which want to apply for the provision of their services in the internal market. The proposal covers a wide range of activities, which is the requirements of the working group to fight against money washing and terrorist financing, respectively, goes beyond.


Us-prasident obama: es werden von der nsa nur verbindungsdaten, keine namen und inhalte gesammelt

Two scientists have shown that it is quite easy to identify and locate customers with the connection data collected en masse by the nsa

The mass surveillance interceptions by the nsa and other intelligence agencies are sometimes justified by the fact that there is actually no interception at all. Only the connection data (metadata) was collected, i.E. No personal information, which is why the excitement of the privacy activists is exaggerated.

President barack obama has also tried to downplay the nsa surveillance programs brought to public attention by edward snowden. Presumably prepared by his security advisers and the intelligence agencies, he told the pbs channel in june 2013: "one has my phone number connected to your phone number. There are no names, there is no content in this database." he said this after aring that the nsa could not eavesdrop on a u.S. Burger’s phone conversations or track emails without a warrant.


Gated fields

Swiss scientists want to create a technical model for protecting fields for field trials of genetically modified plants from vandalism by opponents of genetic engineering

Genetically modified crops are already grown on 10 percent of arable land worldwide. But in europe, only two genetically modified varieties, such as a monsanto bt maize and a potato, have been approved, write swiss scientists from the agroscope reckenholz-tanikon state research station art, regretting that they have not been approved. In switzerland, the citizens in a referendum against the interested scientists and biotech lobby have enforced a moratorium in 2005 (no genetic engineering on swiss fields), which has been demanded again and again and is now valid until 2017.

Gated fields

The experimental field of agroscope reckenholz-tanikon. Image: agroscope


Survey: heavy times for start-ups, less jobs planned

Survey: Heavy times for start-ups, less jobs planned

Given the corona crisis, german start-ups want to set less new staff. More than 90 percent in the coming twists averaged six new employees in the coming twists, shows a survey of the federal association of german startups, the consulting company pwc and the university of duisburg-essen. In the survey a year ago, the companies still specified to hire eight new employees on average. Nearly 2000 start-ups participated in the study.

Bad faged but hardly remedy

Three quarters of the start-ups surveyed are influenced by the corona pandemic in their businesses, emerges from the results of the survey. To create, in view of the consumer consumer, especially the sales and customer acquisition (68 percent) – 13 percentage points more than a year ago. The financial conditions also refer to many randoms as difficult: 43 percent consider the capital procurement for challenging, 2019 that only 38 percent saw. With 32 percent, more start-ups also see the liquiditat as a problem. That’s 18 percent more than two years ago.

"Start-ups are as the entire economy affected by the corona pandemic", said franziska teubert, manager of the federal association of german startups, on tuesday. Only a few of the companies wanted to reduce staff to save costs.


Finanzcrash in china

Financial crash in China

Image: zerohedge

Chinese authorities are successfully intervening against the chinese shadow credit market, but the situation of chinese banks is currently worse than the situation of western banks after the lehman bankruptcy in 2008

After this week’s news that chinese industry weakened to its lowest level in three quarters of a year in june, according to the hsbc purchasing managers index, and that federal reserve chairman ben bernanke also clearly signaled an end to super-easy u.S. Monetary policy, turbulence on the chinese stock markets was hardly surprising, but it did not come as a surprise to the chinese economy. However, neither the central bank nor the government had foreseen that things would get so bad. However, international investors had already withdrawn more than half a billion dollars from china funds in the previous week, which had already brought the stock markets their biggest weekly loss in four months.


Pipe-dropper intelligent electricity payer?

Why the smart meter won’t budge a meter

What should it not be able to do? It should help customers save electricity and thus money, as well as shift electricity consumption to lower-cost times. Meanwhile, the smart meter is also supposed to help with the implementation of the energy transition. The utilities want to read the payers remotely and hope to be able to switch off the payers without direct contact to the customer. In italy, the national power utility enel has apparently had good experience with this.

But in this country no one wants an electronic payer. Instead of smart payers, the companies that want to sell such devices are now more likely to be sold. In the past ten years, for example, the payer manufacturer landis+gyr in zug, switzerland, has been sold by siemens via kkr (kohlberg kravis roberts) co.) and bayard capital to the japanese toshiba group.