Rottgen and the standstill of the cdu

Rottgen and the standstill of the cdu

Image: raimond spekking / cc by-sa 4.0

In thuringia, cdu deputies are clinging to their advantage; the party must align itself not in terms of personnel but in terms of content with merkel’s pragmatic emptiness

Finally politics becomes exciting again. The therapists and commentators can live out to describe to the people what is going on in the party and with the main players so. And it is indeed interesting to see how the situation will be reorganized after the debacle in thuringia.


Syria: with harshness against protests

Another brutal crackdown on protesters. The regime blames foreign agitators for unrest; chavez supports bashar al-assad

Syrian ruler bashar al-assad remains silent. A speech by him was already announced for sunday evening, but it failed to materialize. Now it is said that he will make announcements on tuesday. Meanwhile, the situation in syria remains tense.

Over the weekend, the syrian leadership sent the army to crack down on demonstrations that had now spread to the coastal town of lattakia, some 200 kilometers north of damascus. 12 people have died in the clashes.


Meteorite motopi pan: complete story to the origin backrensed

Meteorite Motopi Pan: Complete story to the origin backrensed

A meteorite that has been hit in 2018 in kalahari-wissen in botswana was beaten 22 million years ago from the asteroid vesta. This is the result of a now presented analysis, in the context of which the entire history of such a sky corporation could be completely replenished for the first time. According to this, the international research team responsible for this was not only able to determine that the meteorite offered on motopi pan is a survive of that impact that has arisen on vesta of the crater antonia. Before he had even been affected by two massive funding, whose tracks are still visible. Vesta is the second degree asteroid in the solar system. It was accurately explored by the nasa probe dawn.

Found in front of the impact in space

Meteorite Motopi Pan: Complete story to the origin backrensed

the crater antonia on vesta, photographed by dawn

The team around the astronomer peter jenniskens from the seti institute now explains that motopi pan’s leader was all the second asteroid that was discovered in all of a burst on land in all. At that time he had received the name 2018 la. He had a diameter of about one and a half meters and a mass of 5.7 tonnes. When he bounced on the earth’s atmosphere and broke, he was around 60.000 kilometers per hour have been fast. Also because his impact on different monitoring videos was recorded, he could be found after a funftagna. The break stuck weighed 18 grams and was three centimeters roughly. With a later expedition, 22 more fragments were found and 2020 even a 92 gram of heavy.


Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Ulm, 31. Marz 2011 – over decades, diesel engines of mercedes are famous for their durability – and bounces for their homeland temperament. Some of the pre-chamber self-cord achieved a mileage of one million kilometers, especially taxiigner report on even higher miles with the same machine. That a private person experiences that the six-digit of 999.999 km jump back to zero, is already rarer before. A swab has done it now – with its mercedes e 300 diesel, built in 1989, the w 124 series. In doing so, fritz weber is a head of the kreissparkasse ummendorf in the district of biberach / rib no profession, in which one is inescaped for mileage. Nevertheless, he and his benz brought it on average to around 45.454 kilometers a year. Let him never have his car never.

No sunday car

At the age of 37, the today 59-year-olds set up the mercedes. In the 22 years the car had to go through a lot. Weber has always seen his daimler as a commercial vehicle and refers to him "ackergaul". Already of the oleren he sat down as a construction site vehicle "houselebau" a. Even at holiday trips, the e-class velvet caravan wacker held. Whether atlantic or mediterranean, the mercedes and fritz weber have made every challenge so far – but sometimes only with the crowbar. "With 113 hp, there are always slopes: full throttle in the second gear", explains the schwabe.

Enter gentle and a lot of care

Of course, the question arises as how weber has kept his mercedes over the years so well. "Gentle retraction is very important", explains weber. He makes this with all cars in the family circle like that. For the motorenol, weber has been familiar with the liqui moly brand for years. The press spokesman of the inlaid company, tobias gobbel, has surprised a certificate of the weber for a short time. The care was always the highest priority for the savings bank leader. This is obvious weekly washing, all three months paint, rims and plastic parts were preserved and the rubber parts maintained. Also scratches, dents or rust approaches had no chance at weber and were removed immediately.


Telefonica wants to expand fiberglass in germany

Telefonica wants to expand fiberglass in Germany

The spanish telefonica group has fiber optic tarpaulin for germany. Still are those in a fruhen stadium, but there are already interested by possible investors. The german glass fiber market is still "underdeveloped", said telefonica-coo angel vila on thursday in a conference call with analysts. "Here is a chance we want to use."

According to the expansion, the plan should take the new infrastructure subsidiary of the group. The spaniards mainly have the areas in germany, where there is no fiberglass of competitors such as telekom or the german glass fiber. "We want to avoid over construction", said vila. The expansion should take place in close geographic delimitation to existing networks.

For all open

The spaniards have less the end customer corporation in mind, but also want to sell transport performance to other network operators. The networks should "are open to all players", stressed vila. The swedish daughter is planned as an anchor tenant, but also a participation of telefonica germany at the network company is conceivable, said the coo.


Georgia: a torn country

Georgia has lost two provinces in the war against russia – and its political balance

Sosar subari does not trust the effect of his words. He lets pictures speak. "Look," he says. Subari opens a laptop. A film starts on the screen. A scene in black and white unfolds, captured by the surveillance camera of a bank in the georgian capital tbilisi.

A car enters the picture from the left. A second one follows, shears in front of the first one, forces it to stop. Three masked men jump out. One rubs the right rear door of the first car. Two pull out a man. Then they strike. Fists hit the victim. A few minutes later the thugs jump back into the car and speed away. The victim remains lying.


The enemy in his own country?

Are u.S. Neo-nazis involved in the attacks in the u.S.??

The whole western world seems to know only one enemy since the attack on the wtc and the pentagon – usama bin ladin and his terrorist network al-qaeda, as the symbol of middle eastern terrorism. Never since the days of german national socialism has an enemy image been condemned so unanimously in the media around the world as islamist terrorism has been in the last two weeks. The evidence published so far is unequivocal: suicide attacks against key u.S. Facilities and simultaneous disappearances of radical islamist adherents around the world. Their names appear on the passenger lists of the crashed planes, with seats close to the cockpit. Some of them were pilots. A koran, flight plan in arabic in a parked rental car. Rumors, which became known only after the assassinations, according to which usama bin ladin had a "an unprecedented attack on u.S. Soil took place" announced ….

And even when the terror was continued with the help of anthrax agents, nobody seemed to seriously doubt that bin ladin’s organization was responsible for it this time as well. This may have been a misjudgement, as is now becoming clear, since even bush can no longer rule out american terrorists as the perpetrators of the attacks.


Voting for the new spd leader for five euros?

electing the new spd chairman for five euros?

Graphic: tp

Thomas oppermann suggests that non-party members should also be allowed to participate in a primary election

The spd is currently led by three provisional chairmen. How to choose a new permanent leadership is currently the subject of proposals. A particularly headline-grabbing one was made yesterday by former spd parliamentary group leader thomas oppermann. He told the berliner morgenpost , it was " a courageous step", such "to open decisions also for interested citizens who, for example, register for an election for a contribution of 5 euros". For "from party leaders or candidates for chancellor" it comes "to select people who will not only be popular in the party but also with the people".


Grand coalition wants co2-related vehicle tax from 2010

He cdu is pleased about a "breakthrough" in the reform of the motor vehicle tax. According to the will of the parties supporting the federal government, the reform is to take effect on 1 january 2009. January 2010 – one year later than originally intended. The federal government is to receive around 9 billion euros a year in vehicle tax revenue, which has so far gone to the federal states. This is a result of the meeting of the coalition committee on wednesday evening.

The states are to receive compensation for their previous revenues from the motor vehicle tax, as spd parliamentary group leader peter struck and baden-wurttemberg’s minister president gunther oettinger (cdu), among others, unanimously announced to the tagesschau . Both want to present the decision as a recommendation to the federalism commission, which they chair. Opposite n-tv oettinger said that this would make the federal government "fully responsible" for vehicle taxation in the future.

If the states agree to the government’s plan, the way would be clear to redesign the vehicle tax and levy it on new vehicles on the basis of co2 emissions. According to the ard morning show csu chairman erwin huber explained today that a linear co2-based tax rate is planned for new vehicles and reiterated that old cars should not be taxed more heavily than they are now. In contrast, it was not until the end of april that the federal ministry of finance announced plans to increase the tax burden on 16 million vehicle owners.


Does reflection make you greedy?

Psychologists claim to have found out that people spontaneously tend to social behavior, while rational considerations make them selfish

Subjects who decide quickly behave more cooperatively. That’s one finding of a study that just appeared in nature. Harvard university psychologists used a series of strategic games to investigate how strongly time prere influences social orientation. This showed that the faster decision-makers behaved more socially. If, on the other hand, they were encouraged to think carefully about their actions, they were less oriented toward the common good.

David g. Rand, the study’s leader, emphasizes that for the first time, the focus of the experiments was not on observable behavior, but on cognitive processes. The authors of the study, titled "spontaneous giving and calculated greed" however, they not only report their findings, but also draw far-reaching conclusions. Those who want to demand prosocial behavior, they say, must appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect. "Because reflection undermines social impulses", arguments should be used sparingly. "Encouraging decision makers to act as rationally as possible may have the unintended side effect of making them more selfish".