Salesforce buys slack: “heavenly grading”

Salesforce buys Slack:'himmlische vermahlung''himmlische vermahlung'

Salesforce ames slack technologies to an equivalent of 27.7 billion us dollars. The companies have announced tuesday night. Salesforce offers countless cloud services for companies and is particularly known for its services for customer care (crm). Slack focuses on internal communication and operates the name-based groupware services.

Slack also allows audio and video calls and has pushed push-to-talk functions and "stories" a. These are video clips with which you can pre-prescribe a short appearance in a video conference and can replace moreover. Slack should be integrated deep into the salesforce cloud.

The combination of salesforce and slack has at least better prospects to claim themselves against microsoft, which is not only in the crm market tap, but also operates a groupware service with teams. Teams has become a serial component of the office platform microsoft 365.


Oracle launches automated container platform razzano

Oracle launches automated container platform razzano

With views of companies that modernize their oracle weblogic environments, knowledge of the us manufacturer’s new oracle verrazzano enterprise container platform in version 1.0 on. It should not only provide secure and managing containerized applications on kubernetes, but also make a unified application lifecycle management (alm) for microservices and weblogic server applications. In addition, oracle emphasizes that razzano will be available as an open source, and cluster-ugandeling should be used both on-premises and in the oracle cloud infrastructure as well as on platforms of other cloud providers.

Curated stack on the open application model

Verrazzano builds on the open application model (oam), which is back on microsoft and alibaba, and provides a platform-wide setting for developing and deploying cloud-native applications. As a complete cloud stack, the new platform against established offers such as red has openshift and vmware tanzu, but offers the support containerized applications on kubernetes, especially advanced features for users from the oracle okosystem, the weblogic, coherence or helidon in use.

As a curated collection of numerous open source components, verrazzano is expected to automatically automate development (dev) and operations (ops) to security (sec) as far as possible. The platform from the kubernetes infrastructure over workload and application lifecycle management covers all major areas of the cloud stack up to monitoring and observability.


Self-regulation or state intervention

Federal trade commission presses online companies on privacy ies

The u.S. Federal trade commission is unhappy with internet companies. After the eu set a deadline of october for all companies that want to access the european online market to comply with the stronger data protection regulations on the collection, archiving and bundling of private customer data, the americans are under prere with their so far lax privacy policy. According to surveys, many americans are also disturbed by the unrestrained collection of personal data.

However, in a report to congress (privacy online), the ftc argued that no effective self-regulatory system for personal data protection has yet emerged. Especially the extensive collection of data from children was objected to. But that’s a bad thing, he said, because if you can’t respond to the "the us is not responding to growing customer concerns about online privacy, and e-commerce will not reach its full potential." companies had always collected data from their customers, but the internet made it possible to collect vast amounts of information efficiently, easily and cheaply in a way that had not been possible before.


Fiat brings bravo special model in cooperation with msn

Fiat brings bravo special model in cooperation with msn

Frankfurt am main / unterschlibeheim, 18. June 2009 – fiat brings in cooperation with the online portal microsoft msn a new special model on the market. The fiat bravo msn edition is under the motto "stay connected" and receive an infotainment system based on "blueme ", the basis for some new features is. Aerial is the vehicle to recognize at an msn logo at the rear. On behalf of the special model is optional than 1.4 16v with 90 hp or as 120 hp strong 1.4 t-jet 16v. As the paintings, apart from white, the colors maranello-red, maserati-blue and tempesta-gray are available.

Including mobile phone and navigation system

The equipment of the bravo msn edition is "aligned on the modern communications everyday". So go to the vehicle also the mobile phone sony ericsson k770. It offers immediate access features to the e-mail client hotmail, the services of msn mobile and the chat program "windows live messenger". The contractual mobile uses a 3.2 megapixel camera, a umts modem and a radio. In addition, the compact car has the new fiat navigation system "instant nav". Thanks to tmcpro, this particularly draft traffic information is to provide and recommend evasive routes. Integrated into the navi is a cd player with mp3 function as well as the infotainment system developed with microsoft "blueme".

Up to 6750 euro price advantage possible

The bravo msn is based on the dynamic equipment line, which includes esp, seven airbags, fog lights and a leather steering wheel with multifunction keys. In addition, an automatic climate control and 16-inch alloy wheels are included in the delivery of the special model. From the limited special edition, a maximum of 3500 units are planned, the sale starts from the 26. June 2009. The bravo msn costs with 90 hp 19.050 euros, for the 120-horsepower variants are 20.350 euros fally. In comparison to an equivalent standard model, according to fiat, this results in a price advantage of 950 euros. In combination with the state environmental project (2500 euros) and the ecoplus bonus of fiat (3300 euros), even up to 6750 euros can be saved.


Microsoft inspire 2020: more security and collaboration functions

Microsoft Inspire 2020: More security and collaboration functions

Microsoft knows on the purely digital inspire conference new around microsoft azure, power platform, dynamics 365 and microsoft 365 and teams. The services should help, "to successfully forcible the current challenges as a result of the covid-19 pandemic."

The focus is on this year "more security and collaboration functions". Teams allow you to integrate third-party apps. "So team meetings become even more interactive and effective", it is called in a press release from microsoft. A communities feature allows worked service and production to access yammer’s texts, updates, discussions and events – this is a microblogging service of microsoft. In addition, a walkie talkie feature is introduced as a public-preview, with the secure push-to-talk score possible. Task distributions and service plan should be more easily edited.

Secure data and communicate with customers

Also as a public-preview microsoft introduces an extended data loss prevention (dlp) in microsoft 365. She "allows companies to recognize and protect information on endpoints such as laptops and smartphones". The dlp feature is integrated in windows 10, office apps and edge, as well as in teams exchange and sharepoint. In teams, the relational database dataflex is now included. With this, customers can develop and control apps and chatbots with power apps and power virtual agent, without leaving teams left.


Microsoft works on a uniform and redesigned outlook app

Microsoft works on a uniform and redesigned Outlook app

Microsoft should be under the project name "monarch" working on a fully new outlook app, media report on an appeal to insiders. It should be the same for own operating systems, macs and the web, and unite mail and calendar in operation. That "ultimate goal" prevalent "one outlook". Until the appearance, however, it was allowed to take a while. An experimental version can already be tested.

Outlook should get a uniform client based on microsoft’s existing outlook web app. So far, there are numerous different variants depending on the operating system and versions. According to windows central the new outlook will be available to all microsoft users, both private and business customers. So you need at least a microsoft account – as had. There should be offline storage capacity and partial possibilities as well as notifications when the entrance of mails and calendar dates. More details are not known yet. It is tested according to reports from the end of this year, the app should actually appear until the year.

Microsoft is already working on a new design

A new design has already moved in the outlook web version last year, this should go in the direction of the kunftig look. All office apps have also just been adapted for arm macs. Also, the user interface got a new design. Microsoft’s language assistant cortana has received new features.