The cooperation of turkey and is

Cooperation between turkey and is

Id check at a checkpoint in syria (of the sdf, near rakka). Image: u.S. Army/free public domain

Collusion between turkish intelligence (mit) and is on border crossing and treatment of wounded is fighters

Since the defeat of is in syria, more and more details about the links between turkey and is are coming to light. The u.S. Publication washington examiner, like other media outlets, quoted from an interview lasting several hours in which a high-ranking is fighter gave details about the cooperation between turkey and is.


Caught: rule app betray pregnancies, photo service builds facial recognition

Caught: Rule app betray pregnancies, photo service builds facial recognition

The us commercial persons ftc has caught two companies in the unfair use of consumer data. They come with a comparison without punishment of it. The us app flo, which calculates menstrual and ovulation dates, had promised to protect all entered data. Secretly, the operator company flo health should have passed on the data on facebook, google, appsflyer and flurry – for advertising and analysis purposes, says the ftc.

The company everalbum offered the storage of private photos and videos in the cloud under the name ever in the cloud. In february 2017, ever has enabled facial recognition. At the time, ever leads "friends"-feature one with which it assembles photos automatically based face detection to image collections. From september of the same year ever album has taken advantage of its customers saved photos to develop their own facial recognition algorithms.

Secretly private recordings exploited

The affected customers did not know about. On the contrary, from july 2018 to april 2019 claiming ever even, there was no explicit agreement no face detection run over customer images leave. In fact, however, is to face recognition automatically be run over all files. From may 2018 customers in the eu and in three us states had shut down the possibility of face recognition.


Laudation for pear

eulogy for pear

Election of the chancellor dr. Helmut kohl, cdu/csu, member of the bundestag on 29. March 1983.Image: german bundestag/press service steponaitis

The long needed rehabilitation of helmut kohl

I hoped to be one of the first with my laudation. But jakob augstein beat me to it – not for the first time – with the following unctuous words. "And if god had an address, he had to be thanked that someone like kohl, who could read the signs of the times, was in the chancellor’s office at that time." in kohl’s time, one never read such theological promises in der spiegel. But jakob is also the son of martin, not that of rudolf. Augstein, however, praised the european and big-donor kohl, not the domestic, social and cultural politician kohl. I’ll take care of that now.


The hostage-taking website

The chechen view of things on the net

Kavkaz.Org calls itself an islamic information agency with a focus on the caucasus, central asia and afghanistan. Kavkaz serves the chechen terrorists in moscow.Org as their mouthpiece to auben.

For some reason, chechen atrocities are hardly noticed in the west, but also the ongoing human rights violations of the russian army are hardly noticed anymore (russian military commits genocide in chechnya). In 1995, chechen terrorists occupied a russian hospital. The storm ended with more than 100 civilians dead. In september 1999, two moscow apartment blocks were blown up. More than 200 people died, many more were wounded. In the news at that time this was under miscellaneous, there were no focal points either. Moscow seems further away than bali.


Peeping toms in uniform

Bavaria plans flat-covering surveillance with video cameras – "from the point of view of operational tactics".

400000 private and public surveillance cameras to be installed in germany. In bavaria, attempts are now being made to give the police control of all control resources. Data protection law creates a gray area here – it is technically outdated.

When british tv presenter jill dando was shot dead outside her home in april 1999, the ministry of the interior had reason to secretly rejoice. Since 1995, 45 million pounds have been invested in video surveillance across the country. 200000 cameras are said to exist in great britain. Now it was possible to demonstrate the perfection of the technology: dando’s last hours were documented almost continuously on video – from his shopping trip through the city to his drive home.


2015: A good new year?

German politicians reacted quickly, cheekily and arrogantly to a possible election victory for the left in greece…

How will the new year? No one knows and yet almost everyone tries to imagine how it could be. What is clear is that major changes are on the horizon. Europe above all will change. The election in greece, scheduled for the end of january, has already shown how much political turmoil there is in many countries, because neither the politicians nor the citizens there know what to do next.

German politicians have reacted quickly, cheekily and arrogantly to a possible election victory of the left in greece and have taken the precaution of writing in their diaries that the current policy is without any alternative. Therefore, one must conclude, contrary to what they themselves believe, there is nothing to vote for in greece. And indeed, the incumbent greek government, with the help of such revisions, will do everything possible to turn even the possibility of an electoral victory for the left into a horror scenario that will make even the people in the furthest corners of greece shudder. What this then still has to do with democracy, hardly anyone asks.


Enf meeting: patriots with plenty of enemies, but no common plan

In koblenz, le pen, petry and wilders met as government candidates for a "alternative europe". Pretzell’s sentence caused a sensation: "israel is our political future"

There is a mood of optimism among the right-wing nationalists. "Something is happening, something is happening", said marine le pen at the press conference of the enf group meeting in koblenz. Geert wilders spoke of historic times, of a "patriotic spring".

They flattered each other at the event by elevating the patriot from the other country to the future head of government. Madam le pen was crowned french president in advance, madam petry was proclaimed by le pen as the new german chancellor, and most probably geert wilders also received such advance honors.


Fermi paradox: why has there been no contact with an extraterrestrial civilization yet??

Fermi paradox: why has there been no contact with an extraterrestrial civilization?

Image: hubble, nasa, esa; processing license: judy schmidt

According to astrobiologist caleb scharf, the earth could be located in a remote region of the milky way, astronomer david kipping believes that intelligence develops rarely and slowly

Who does not believe in it that there are ufos and aliens, which already visited the earth ("what the fuck is that?"), or to whom it is not indifferent whether there is still other life out there or not, stands again and again before the question, why there was still no contact with an extraterrestrial civilization and whether there is intelligent life perhaps nevertheless only as absolute lucky hit (?) exists on earth. Actually, there should be millions or billions of planets in the milky way with a moderate temperature on which life could have developed. Mankind with its technical culture has not existed for long, but intelligent, technically skilled civilizations had already had billions of years to spread out in the galaxy, and in the process also to reach the earth, whether they fly themselves or send autonomous probes or robots.


Music service tidal is taken over by payment company square

Music service Tidal is taken over by payment company Square

The music service tidal of rapstar jay-z gets a new owner: the payment company square of the twitter boss jack dorsey takes over the majority for 297 million dollars. Jay-z is intended to move into the board of directors of square as part of the deal, as the payment service announced on thursday.

Earn money with music

Dorsey had founded square a break at twitter and is at the top of both companies. He himself threw the obvious question in a series of tweets how a streaming service and a financial service provider matches. His answer: it goes to new ways, how musicians could earn money with their work.

Square created new opportunities for small handlers with his smartphone and tablet cash register – and the experience can also be in the music industry, argued dorsey. "We will work on very new horizlings to bring together the fans". It also deals with a simple integration of the sale of fanarticles, modern tools for cooperation and additional erosion trreams. The square share lost about four percent after the envision.