The death of greek fubball

The death of the greek fubball

The russian-greek oligarch ivan savvidis. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

In greece, the oligarchs continue to rule and make a mockery of football, as was shown again last weekend by ivan savvidis, who stormed onto the pitch with a pistol strapped to his belt and bodyguards

On sunday evening, the derby between paok thessaloniki and aek athens took place in thessaloniki. The game has been a very special one since the foundation of both clubs. After all, both teams refer to their origins, the greeks of istanbul (constantinople), who were expelled from turkey during the population exchange in the 1920s. Both teams rode the byzantine double eagle in the club emblem. The double-headed eagle of paok does not quite correspond to the coat of arms of the byzantine emperors. Because paok lost the right to use the original eagle in the emblem on the field of play in the last century.


Excitation potential must not be extended too long

Ran broadcast fails due to psychological needs of fans

Germany is once again in the throes of bundesliga soccer fever, but sat1’s soccer show ran at 8 p.M. Has been hit hard.3 p.M. Viewers ran away in droves. The tv fans thus gave the station a resounding slap in the face, which in the meantime not only has to sell advertising more cheaply, but also has to pay back additional revenues, and is now pushing the broadcasting time forward again. The rheingold institute for qualitative market and media analysis concludes in a media analysis that this decline in viewers can be explained psychologically.

Only 1.7 million viewers wanted to see the last bundesliga soccer broadcast "ran" last weekend by 20.3 p.M. This corresponds to half of the viewers of the zdf sports studio at 10 p.M. And testifies to the absolute low point of soccer coverage in the three broadcasts to date. Compared to the previous season, ran suffered an 80 percent loss in viewers. But it’s not just the sat1 tv station that has seen a rapid decline in viewers; by moving the bundesliga broadcast to the evening hours, leo kirch was also unable to attract the desired premiere decoder subscribers for the live broadcast of the afternoon matches. On the contrary, sat1 and leo kirch have lost their reputation among football fans.


On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

On the way in maserati grancabrio sport

Trieste (italy), 24. July 2011 – we are on the new maserati grancabrio sport on the road. The with 450 hp just 10 hp more power than the version without "sports" in the name of. Is the additional designation only about a marketing label, which should boost the sales of the model? Finally, the undoubtedly it is undue convertible with a basic price of 139.000 euro even for upcoming no snap. We have fetched the trident extensively on the tooth.

Differences for connoisseurs

The sports version of the convertible will only distinguish connoisements right away from the previous variant. The easiest thing is to see at the trident on the kuhler grill: this is now provided with two red crossbeams. The inwardly curved kuhlerbill is always black and the outside corners of the front spoiler were optimized aerodynamically. In addition, the front headlights are stored in the sports variant. Laterally, the expert viewer fall on the new sills, and from the rear look oval tailpipes. Anywhere of the wind and weather is still protecting a substance meal – so the for a convertible. The top closes and open in 28 seconds each – even at a ride of up to 30 km / h.

Luxury in the interior

When entering the grancabrio sport, luxury suggests us. The seats are covered with bright leather and even for long stretches comfortable. However, they offer only medium-month page stop. A carbon bar pulls from right to left over the dashboard, the clock perched at the upper end of the center console. The steering wheel finds us a bit roughly, since the italians fruher had made in the gran sport better tax rack in the program – smaller, thicker, made of carbon and with alcantara-disguised handle flats. We would like to have something like that again.


Federal court of arrest rejects claims for a ban on lethal sporting firearms

Parents of victims of the rampage in winnenden have failed for the time being to enforce a stricter weapons law

After the winnenden killing spree (2009), two parents of victims and the spokesman of the initiative "no murder weapons as sporting weapons!" representing his two school-age children filed lawsuits against the german weapons law with the federal constitutional court. The existing weapons law "inadmissible the right to practice the sport of shooting over the right to life and physical integrity", so the reasoning of the verfangsbeschwerde.

The argument is that the existing weapons law could not prevent massacres like the one in winnenden. The state is not sufficiently fulfilling its duty to protect because the possession of lethal firearms continues to be permitted:


Express duo

Express duo

Koln, 8. September 2014 – petrol engine with around 200 hp and diesel with 180 hp are more in the compact class than the majority of the buyers gone. Nevertheless, numerous manufacturers mix exactly in this supposedly narrow segment with. Now peugeot also delivers its contribution. The new 308 gt is offered with a 205 hp petrol engine and a 180 hp diesel.

The petrol engine picks up 1.6 liters capacity 205 hp and a maximum torque of 285 nm, which applies between 1750 and 4500 / min. These are just under 50 hp and 45 nm more than the most powerful gasoline in the 308 offered. It is only offered with a six-speed manual transmission and should be in the nefz with 5.6 (sedan) or. 5.8 liters (station wagon). He is charged by a twin scroll turbocharger. Inlet and outlet camshafts are adjustable, additional valve lift on the inlet side is variable.

Favorant in the nefz

The strength diesel in the 308 gt also opened no new segment. Especially the german manufacturers are in this class wide represented: vw golf gtd, opel astra biturbo cdti, ford focus st diesel and bmw 120d are just a few representatives. The peugeot occurs there with 180 hp and 400 nm, but unlike all competitors, it offers the strong self-toe only in conjunction with a six-speed automatic. Consumption in the nefz is given with 4 liters. To this also compared to the opponents quite good value, among other things, the third generation common rail system should contribute with a maximum of 2000 bar injection prere.


Niche jubilaum

Faro, 25. November 2015 – from the first golf gti wanted volkswagen to sell 5000 pieces, you suspected a pretty little niche. That it has become about two million stucco since 1976, it was because this model could develop a separate niche. At the beginning of the next year comes with the jubilaum model to 40. Birthday of golf gti club sport. He is with 290 hp of the strongest series-maby golf gti all times.

The high performance on the road also helps with club sports the electronically regulated front axle differential brake from borgwarner known from gti performance. In combination with the traction control, which can be controlled in three levels, to complete deactivation, provides it for curves even faster to be accelerated. In the steering, the power is laceable, but never storing. As usual, the gti clubsport follows everyone so small steering command in a well-known directness. For the first time, semi-slick tires are on offer. In order for these to develop their advantages, however, it requires a tire temperature, which should not normally not be achieved in the city.

Karo and golf ball, it wants the tradition

Gti-typical is also in club sport the checker of the series-maby built-in sports seat with excellent page content. The golf ball design of the shift knob is believed to the traditional gti interior. After 5.9 seconds, the speedometer is flies over the 100 marker and stops only with real 250.


Fiat bravo in the training detection: equipment line linea sportiva

Fiat bravo in the training detection: equipment line linea sportiva

Frankfurt, 13. February 2008 – with the new linea sportiva, the fiat bravo is now particularly athletic. This should also illustrate the names of the individual versions: bravo speed, bravo racing, bravo sport and bravo sport plus. The compact mid-range limousine is further offered in the existing versions of active, dynamic and emotion, which fiat is now summarized as linea style.

Bravo speed from 18.590 euros

Entry model of the new model group is the bravo speed. Its equipment is based on the active version and includes air conditioning, 16-inch alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel, fog light with cornering function and a carpoil painted in body color and side skirts. He is offered exclusively with the 120 hp 1,4-liter turboenzinians and costs 18.590 euros. The price advantage opposite a comparable active version gives fiat with 1030 euros.

Racing on dynamic basis

The bravo racing is added addition to 17-inch alloy wheels, sports sites, a sports leather steering wheel, a lumbar set on the driver’s seat, a medium armrest in front including center console with kuhlbox, chrome-plated window bars and sports pedals. It is based on the dynamic version and will also be with the 120 ps engine with the label 1.4 t-jet offered. The price is 19.800 euros, the price advantage amounts to 1330 euros. The new 1.6-liter diesel are also offered in the variant racing.


Driving report vw t-roc 2.0 tsi 4motion

One could call the vw t-roc as volkswagen conventional response to the under-ten years ago of the small car suvs. With two-liter motorization and 190 hp, today he protrudes from the niche from japanese klein-suv, however, far out. On a similar level, only audi q2, nissan juke nismo rs or the up to 231 hp mini countryman play. Volkswagen calls his powermeier t-roc "sport". That sounds more exhausting to gluck than it’s. The most powerful t-roc so far is not a krawallheimer, rather he serves his performance untrusted and lightweight.

Only with four-wheel and dsg

His 320 nm of powerful two-liter engine is – as well as the 150 hp diesel with 400 nm – always coupled with the automatically switching four-wheel drive. Both also get the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as standard. In addition, the engine pallet offers an in addition three-cylinder with 115 and the 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 150 hp and diesel engines with 1.6 and two liters displacement and 115 and 150 hp. All weaker motorizations are standard mab equipped with manual six-speed manual transmission, 1.5 tsi and 2.0 tdi with 150 hp offer dual-clutch gearbox and four-wheeled on request.

The technically on the vw golf-based t-roc gives the customer the chance of a fashionable appearance: it offers 24 combinations of outdoor and roof paints and in the equipment version style dashboard, captive and seats in absin color. If you prefer less attention to yourself or spend economical money, you will continue to get the t-roc in lower sachsian-cute gray variations. In its outdoor design, the t-roc combines reliable brand recognition with defensive form language.