The conflation of space

…And our view of the world: on the renaissance of geopolitics, part 2

"Clash of civilizations", "empire", notched and smooth space, world market and world system – geopolitics (cf. In reverse mode through the history of the world) returns to the public discourse. Cultural studies are beginning to examine spatial constructions of a literary, visual, political and economic nature; politics is doing something similar, and where possible is putting such concepts into practice.

The conflation of space

"Any filming of the "war of the worlds" has geopolitical implications. The novel was wells’ metaphorical attempt to condemn british colonialism and imperialism. And orson welles’ horspiel acted in the medium term as an appeal to america to finally decide to fight hitler." said steven spielberg in an interview about his latest work "war of the worlds." the question is, of course, what the geopolitical implications of this are?


Delving into the digital divide

In the end, this political fashion statement has little to do with computers and internet access

Of all the jargon created thanks to computer technology and the world of networking1, the most preposterous thus far has to be the term "the digital divide". Aside from being a convenient political fashion statement, it bears little to what it supposedly represents. Indeed, it goes even further, belittling and burying the problem of an uneven playing field in "cyberspace", one that exacerbates differences in gender, ethnicity, social status, education, and wealth.

The notion of the "digital divide" supposedly represents those who are unable to take advantage of computer networking. Even before this term became commonplace, the problem was recognised by many, although alluded to by different names. The european commission, for instance, has referred to such inequalities within the world of computer networking as a "two-tier information society". 2


Who is behind the syrian poison gas attack??

Chp politicians blame turkish intelligence and islamist militias based on court documents

Even by syrian standards, it was a gigantic massacre. Up to 1700 people died on 21. August 2013 in the ghouta region. But even two years after the poison gas attack, the background is unclear. Now, turkic politicians are blaming their country’s government.

It is one of those blurry cell phone videos that have become the daily chroniclers of the syrian war and whose images are nevertheless hard to bear. Pale faces stare into the camera there. Only the foam in front of the mouth shows something like life. Children’s bodies lined up on the ground. Between them crouch screaming parents and press sanitater their hands on chest body. "Sarin gas attack syria" is written in arabic above the youtube clip.


It bundis: europe has to come to eye with the cloud with the usa

IT Bundis: Europe has to come to eye with the cloud with the USA

27 european technology companies submit a timetable to the eu commission on friday for the next generation of the internet with the focus on cloud computing. Politics and companies in europe are intended to develop the development of the 75-page paper in the coming years "data sovereign services" driving advancing with the offers of hyperscalers in the us and asia and thus make serious alternatives to the cloud services of amazon, alibaba, google and microsoft.

European cloud industry is intended to start worldwide standards

To the wressers of the "roadmap" accuses such as airbus, amadeus, atos, de-cix, deutsche telekom, ericsson, ionos, nokia, orange, ovhcloud, sap, schneider electric, siemens, telefonica and telecom italia. She developed her proposal after a round table with eu internal market commissioner thierry breton in december. The commission has just announced with an update for its industrial strategy to call a cloud alliance in the second quarter.

By 2025, the european cloud industry is intended according to the initiative "be known worldwide for their technological fuference and competitive reliability in terms of climate neutatility, cyber security, trustworthy data exchange and interoperability and proven worldwide standards". Through the development of high energy-efficient infrastructures, the use of low-consumable hardware and software, improved resource management, energy mixes, and an increased cooling performance of data centers, the eu will take a pioneering role in this field.


New nuclear power plants – no, thank you!

The report of a commission set up by the british government sees no justification at present for a new nuclear energy program

The uk government would like to build more and new types of nuclear power plants to secure energy supplies, reduce oil dependency and provide more clean energy. The arguments are the same for all supporters of nuclear energy, whether in the u.S., where president bush also wants to build more nuclear power plants, or in germany (mock battles with arguments from the day before yesterday). The sustainable development commission (sdc) has now ied a comprehensive report sharply criticizing the plans.

The vision just a few years ago was for the uk to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and to meet 10 percent of its energy needs through renewables by 2010. However, with the rise in oil and gas prices and the decline of oil fields in the north sea, there have been calls for new nuclear power plants to secure energy supplies, provide price stability and reduce carbon dioxide pollution. As in germany, the old nuclear power plants, which until now have produced 20 percent of total electricity, will be gradually shut down by 2035.


A wandering field

A wandering field

Bremen, 13. May 2015 – anyone who has hallucinations should see a doctor. Those who have visions, however, should test them for feasibility. This is the role played by scientists at the fraunhofer institute for manufacturing technology and applied materials research (ifam) in bremen: under the direction of professor matthias busse, they have removed the internal combustion engine from a rare artega, installed two 156-kilowatt electric motors near the wheels instead, and screwed an 80-centimeter-wide and two-meter-long charging plate ("pickup") underneath the car. This will enable the frecco i sports car to charge up without contact – not while stationary, but while driving.

Before we answer the question of why this is useful at all, let’s first look at the vehicle itself. The frecco i stores its electrical energy in a 37.6-kilowatt-hour battery from akasol. In this test, the charging power was not designed for the maximum conceivable, but rather for what is reasonable: 30 kilowatts are enough to bring a plus into the battery under most conditions. At 130 km. Oh yes, and if required, the ex-artega, which weighs around 1.5 tons, can also be charged with a cable and 3.3 kilowatts of power.

Amazingly high efficiency

Construction company max bogl helped build the 25-meter test track at intis gmbh (lathen, emsland). The aim is to demonstrate the practicality of all components, i.E. Their compatibility with conventional trench construction. The primary coil, which induces current in the car driving over it via a magnetic field, was embedded at a depth of about ten centimeters and a width of one meter. A frequency of 35 kilohertz is used for this purpose. The efficiency is high and – measured from the feed into the coil to the battery and thus including various conversions – is around 90 percent.


Search for auberrish life: ki could analyze samples of objective

Search for Auberrish Life: Ki could analyze samples of objective

Thanks to techniques of mechanical learning, algorithms were able to search for artificial samples with gross reliability after traces of auberrish life. This means a research team about nicholas guttenberg from the tokyo institute of technology. They have used the preserved analysis method of mass spectrometry in a unusual way with a ki and were successful.

Unlike commonly ubrow, the ki did not search the measurement data for traces of the individual components, but compared the overall pattern. At 95 percent correctly they could specify whether there were traces of living organisms in the analyzed material. How that worked, the researchers do not really understand.

Do not search in detail, but the rough whole

As the team now succeeded, it wanted to devote himself with his action of that problem, which according to which we may not discover aubertirdian life, because we only look for obvious life. So we did not know if the resulting life on earth has struggled at the beginning certain directions from accident or need.


The film about the toy

The film about the toy

All images: paramount

Heavy metal: trying to make michael bay’s "transformers" to understand

Slowly the archives of the noughties are filling up. What was still a utopian idea at the beginning of the decade has become a trend over the past two years and is now beginning to take shape: at some point, every machine must begin to stand on its own two feet. And cinema, too, is increasingly a purely technical product, no longer a psychological one. Every movie, or at least every blockbuster, is two, three, four, five movies in one, not to mention the sweaty efforts of the marketing segment that is becoming more and more self-sufficient. At the same time, all this is connected not with a further development, but with a tremendous regression on all levels. Their representative is michael bay, the neanderthal among directors and probably the most representative figure for the path that industrial cinema is taking at the moment. Cinema as art is light years away from all that. This proves more than any other film now "transformers 2 – revenge", the sequel to "transformers" (2007). With these two films michael bay has found his destiny. These are films with which a director, more than ever, deserts morally into the camp of objects in which capitalism has long placed him.


Iaa: mini cooper se and se countryman all4

Bmw’s lifestyle brand mini continues to electrify itself, and at the iaa (12. To 22. September 2019) for the first time the battery-electric mini cooper se. An updated version of the mini cooper se countryman all4 will also make its first appearance at the show.

The electric range of the hybrid-powered all-wheel-drive mini cooper se countryman all4 model is now said to be up to 57 kilometers. Not that the hybrid could possibly come close to the brand-typical agility that we had already quietly desperately sought in the mini cooper se countryman all4 (test). It seems more important for mini to finally meet the criteria of the electromobility act for reduced company car taxation.

First battery-powered mini

The purely battery-electric mini cooper se is based on the conventionally powered model and, with its 135 kw. Its lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 32.6 kwh, is expected to deliver a power consumption of between 16.8 and 14.8 kwh. So the values achieved in the wltp were allowed to be significantly lower, in reality one should probably better expect a maximum of 200 km.



The energy and climate weekly: thursday’s first reading in the bundestag will discuss the coalition’s solar clearcut plans

Apparently, as had already been expected, there are minor concessions by the black-yellow coalition in shortening the solar requirement. Accordingly, after strong protests, the deadlines for the entry into force of the new compensation rates and accelerated degression are to be moved back somewhat.

This emerges from a report by focus and mdr. Instead of the drastic cuts, which, contrary to what is usually portrayed, even exceed 30 percent for some plant classes, they are to take effect as early as july 9. In order to allow the grid connection to be valid until march 24, the following is now being offered: