Germany has the world’s lowest birth rate

As usual, there are warnings of problems for the business location, as if demography were the only decisive factor

For the british telegraph, german dominance is disappearing – because the birth rate has fallen to the lowest level in the world and the share of the working population is shrinking fast. The figures come from a report by the hamburg institute of international economics (hwwi), which derives the warning from the world’s lowest birth rate: "demographic downward trend endangers germany as a business location".

According to prof. Dr. According to henning vopel, managing director of the hwwi, germany must fear being left behind as a business location due to the shrinking working population: "in global competition, this has significant negative consequences for germany’s attractiveness and performance as a business location. According to un forecasts, the share of the population in the 20 to 65 age group, which is relevant for the main occupation, will shrink from the current 61 percent to only 54 percent by 2030." soon, only one employable person was coming to a dependent one. However, the negative prediction ames that the employable person is not only of the right age, but also has the right skills, and that there is enough work, i.E. That the employable person is not self-dependent.


Study: in ten years, half the fashion is bought online

Study: In ten years, half the fashion is bought online

In ten years, the half of fashion was allowed to be bought online in germany. This is a result of the study published on wednesday "fashion 2030" the management consultancy kpmg and the kolner trade research company ehi. Currently, about 25 percent of total german fashion sales of around 66 billion euros are eliminated on e-commerce providers.

Decrease stationar trade

By 2030, the expenditure of consumers for fashion of the study will increase to 79.2 billion euros. However, this sum will then be spent on the same parts online and spent in stationars, so that ultimately about ten billion euros less in the cash registers landed in the inner states.

"For the trade, the revenue growth in the stationary area means that it must reduce its stationary flats", forecast ehi expert marco atzberger. According to the study, the trading flats were halved in the textile area. This will hit department stores and multi-storey formats on the strongest. The strong flattening of the trade will also be a rough challenge for urban development, it is called in the investigation.


“Rough” nissan leaf in year’s time

Nissan will introduce the leaf with a coarser battery by 1. April 2019. This confirms guillaume pelletreau, managing director nissan center europe. In an interview with a blogger, he speaks of the premiere "within the fiscal year" (from timecode 14’10"), which begins in japan on 1. April starts.

Until now, nissan had not given a clear indication of when the second version of the leaf will be unveiled. The exact battery capacity is still not known: because of a prototype based on the processor, there had been speculation about 60 kilowatt hours (kwh). How much it will actually be is left open by managing director pelletreau, who says it could be 60 kwh, but also more or less.

Hyundai had shown the kona ev at the geneva motor show in two variants with 39.2 and 64 kwh. For the 64 kwh version hyundai gives a range of 482 kilometers in wltp. The kona ev is 31 centimeters shorter than the nissan leaf. Theoretically, the length of the leaf offers more space for batteries. We therefore ame more than 60 kwh.


H license plate: mercedes 560 sel becomes vintage car

In sindelfingen, the middle / end of the 80s – and how. For many years, in more or less secret, it was already around a prestigious and potent v12 aggregate for the in-house splendor models s and sl. But bayern bmw caught the swabia on the wrong fift and crown her 7 series with the bmw 750i, which was to get both with a long and short wheelbase, but above all with a v12.

Rare short wheelbase

In terms of performance, its 221 kw / 300 hp for such a coarse car were not overwalling – also because of the later-defined bmw 740i with a new v8 engine already produced 286 hp. But in terms of smoothness and image mercedes with his s-class was now the number two two behind the upper class competitor. V12 stands v8 – that hurt in the schwalische development departments as well as in the daimler ceo. Although the mercedes-v12 was largely developed in 1986, he did not manage the 126 model maintenance. And the 500er motorization was no longer sufficient to maintain the co-worn customers from the new competition in particular on the co-emerging surfaces. Since it still took up to the first 600 v12 in w140, the w-126 series of 5.16 meters long 560 sel was created as a top model of the w-126 series.

The 300 hp rated power, which was registered with bmw, first achieved only one motorization without a catalyst. With kat stayed 205 kw / 279 hp. In september 1987, mercedes rusted the engine with a knock sensors and more stroke, so that he could provide powerful bmw 750 il from dingolfinger production paroli, which was published in the same year – now with catalyst.


Coke vobiscum

Coca-cola as a buddhist metaphor and other enlightenment experiences of the advertising rulers

One of the many unsolved riddles of mankind is that consumers buy products even though they are advertised beyond the realm of the profitable. The everyday impositions on intelligence, aesthetic sensitivity and other virtues of the enlightened man of culture must first be massaged into consumers until they accept the supposedly unavoidable and buy, for example, detergents, spreads and toothpastes that are no better than their unadvertised competitors, but are more expensive, mainly because of their costly staging.

Coke vobiscum

For a long time advertising has been a highly specialized subdivision of psychoanalysis, physiology, philosophy and art, if it is not worshipped as a substitute religion that supposedly makes all the world’s doubts disappear and keeps faith in the good, the true and the beautiful. In other words, it’s all about turning tin into gold with neo-alchemical recipes for success. Now the advertising alchemy appears serially. Neuroscience, cognitive theories and behavioral research have penetrated it so deeply that advertising can then be immediately seen as a "marketing tool" "most conclusive self-description of our culture" (norbert bolz) believes he is allowed to evade any cultural criticism (what customers really want to buy).